Apr 22


Apr 22

Springtime's Snowflakes

Apr 05

Goddess Rising

Rhea birthed a silent Shadow
Who crossed the moonless night.
In the darkness they did battle
For who would cast their light.

The dark outweighed the silhouette
Like stars outweigh the moon,
But Shadow’s heart called out a hex
And thunder clouds did boom.

In streaks of scarlet lighting bolts
The sky fell to his knees,
And from the shadow’s ravaged molt
A Goddess rose with ease.
Mar 28
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Mar 26

Bravery in a Mirror

It’s a brave thing to do

To look into a mirror,

staring into those all too familiar eyes,

And not learn to look past the flaws,

But learn to see them all

For what they are,

to give each and every one a name

And still, see someone who is worth loving

staring back at you.

For the first time tonight; I did.

Mar 26

New poem coming soon

Mar 21
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Dust Star

You promised me galaxies, My Love.
You promised to cradle my head to your chest,
to hold my outstretched arms,
While the sunlight danced between our fingertips,
Sparking upwards towards its cloud-laden home:
The home which you promised me.

They say dreams are for children,
So call me a child.
But know that I was made a child by you, My Love.
The pupils of my eyes did dilate and fill
With the Milky Way of your beauty.

You took me, not by the hand but by the heart,
And showed me all of your constellations
While I charted them
In the skies you promised to take me to.

So why am I laying in the grass alone
Staring up into you?
Why am I laying on the Earth alone
Bathed in only the shadows of your moonlight.

You loved all of my labors,
But would not labor to love me.
For who would pick a star from the dust
When there are 100 billion awaiting in the dusk.
Mar 15
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Heart, what fancy do you so yearn for now?

Heart, what fancy do you so yearn for now?

You, so unmoved by the wind in its haste,

You, so moved by the sun high in its place,

Yearn you for snow to make your Pome Trees bow?

Or be it fire you ignite for now?

To flame and flare and rear its bridled head,

To rise and swirl ‘till Aphrodite’s bled

And to you, 'mid her ashes, her Doves do bow?
Mar 07

One in a Million Pony

Dear Taco,

It’s been four months now. Four months since you left us. Four months since I last saw your face or stroked your neck. Somehow, it feels as if I saw you yesterday. Somehow, it feels as if you were just a dream. I know you can’t hear this, but I have to say it anyways. I have to say everything I never got the chance to tell you.

    I remember the first time I heard your name. I remember how ridiculous it sounded to me, and how distraught I was that Maren picked you over the pretty paint horse I had seen. Taco, what a ridiculous name. A horse should be named something beautiful and regal, not after some food. This was the extent to which my five-year-old self considered your arrival into my life.
Feb 21

Some Kind of Beautiful

She was beautiful in all of the usual ways. She had wide eyes that reflected the depths of the ocean and the heights of the sky, so when others gazed upon them they thought that they could fly. She had hair that blazed like fire, like meteors in the dark, so that for a moment you could almost believe she was the sun within the night. She had a perfect face, strong and lacking lines, the face of an angel untouched by the bounds of time. When she smiled, her teeth shone like freshly fallen snow and the frosty winter-wind that blows on for miles. She had skin that was unmarred by life and its hardships; with the smoothness of a baby yet to draw its first breath, cradled in the arms of kin. Her hands were subtle and gentle, quiet in her lap and steady in their motions, unperturbed and without muddling. She had long legs that put her head above those around her so that they were constantly looking up to her in all of her heavenly glory.