Oct 07
poem 0 comments challenge: Portrait

A Young Woman

There is a young woman who lives nestled in the mountains
Her eyes sparkle behind wide, rimless glasses that make her eyes even more beautiful
The rain falls on her smooth, toffee-colored skin and she welcomes it
Like she welcomes everyone
She has very short, very dark hair that is never perfect
And seems to have an endless supply of clever t-shirts
She always smells like lavender and lemons
She is childlike and yet wise
She is open and loving and understanding and balanced
And will always be there to guide you through a rough spot
Everyone who meets her can't help but adore her
Everyone should know someone like her
Sep 24


I am no one
I sit alone in my room
Writing words that no one has read
I dream
The stars call me
Tell me what I could have
But they're not going to give it to me
I learn
Sweat and exaustion and yes, tears
But someone told me it would all be worth it
Someone handed me the world and said
No one is going to give it to you
Dream it
Earn it
Live it
I am empowered
I hold the power to create my own future
No one can take that power away
Aug 16

When Will it be Enough

I'm a beginner guitarist having a try at songwriting... I'm not sure how it sounds, hopefully it's decent...

Well you're so great and I can't get over the modest things you've said
You're so very amazed with yourself, you're a star in your own head
Who did you think would be lining up to be your backup crew?
Open your eyes, to your surprise there's no one there but you
When will it be enough?
What would it all be for?
You had everything
But you wanted more
Here you come, the one and only
Not at the top but you're still lonely
Who will you turn to for help
Now that you've lost all to yourself?
When will it be enough?
What would it all be for?
You had everything
But you wanted more
Aug 10

Random Question that is listed under non-fiction because I don't know what else to put it as

I'm curious: If you had a time machine, what are four things you would do?
Here are mine:
1: Go to the Beatles' first performance at the Cavern Club.
2: Go to a Led Zeppelin concert- any Led Zeppelin concert, it really doesn't matter.
3: Go to a Queen concert
4: Go to a David Bowie concert- specifically, his last performance as his alter-ego Ziggy Stardust. 

As you can probably tell, I'm a fan of classic rock.   
Jul 31

A Prisoner of my Mind.

     Once upon a time, I lost my grip on reality. I spent years with my head in the clouds, dreaming of a life I could not have. I fell in love with people I'd never met, became attached to places I'd never been. I waited for the impossible to happen- for those dreams to become a reality.
     One day I realized I would be waiting forever. What had started off as daydreams became so real to me, and I wondered every day when my "real" life would start. I accepted that if this continued I would live a dismal, unfulfilled, life, unable to become attached to anyone or really live. I couldn't go on like this. 
Jul 26

Rock's Not Dead

     For years, the music industry has been dominated by autotuned, lipsynching pop stars singing about... well, nothing in particular. (No offense to anyone, I respect all music tastes, even ones I don't agree with. Well, except Justin Bieber.)
     I listened to the classic rock legends of old and was sure that these were belonging to the one golden age of music, a time when music was meant to say something, not just blast the same meaningless radio dribble out of out headphones. Of course, we still have some of the old rock stars performing, but these are mere echoes, like a faded, threadbare pair of jeans- really, you've got to admire them for holding on, and some are still actively coming out with music, but to be honest, rock and roll was an aging style. And really, isn't it time the Rolling Stones retired? For real this time, not the ten times they've claimed to. They all hate each other, anyway. 
     And now...
Jul 24


It's all I've ever wanted to be
I've only ever wanted to set my words free
I wanted to stand on a stage in the light
I wanted to be a star in my own right
I'm loving the music, I don't care about the money
Please don't laugh, it isn't funny
To take someone's dreams and throw them in the fire
I said I could make it- don't call me a liar
Just because you've got a nice guitar
Doesn't mean I couldn't make it just as far
You've got all those pretty friends
But it really won't mean a thing in the end
Don't say I'm jealous- I say you're too proud
I'm out on the rim while you're in with the crowd
It's YOU who said nobody just wants a singer
That without a guitar I'd never be a winner

Won't you teach me?

Jul 02


This message contains urgent information concerning a group of DANGEROUS FUGITIVES that pose and immediate threat to ANYONE WHO THEY COME IN CONTACT WITH.
The year is 1978. The place is the United States of America (The threat is hopefully restricted to the North Coast). And an Extra Terrestrial being HAS BEEN DETECTED ON EARTH.
Jun 23

Labyrinth Lullaby

In a castle great and tall
Through looming gates and darkened halls
This is where the goblins play
Through spring and winter, night and day

And sitting there upon a throne
Remembering how he has flown
Through the night on owl's wings
Therein lives the Goblin King

Pray do not step through the door
The dwarf has warned you not to go
Walking through the Labyrinth's gate
He said "Turn back"- now it's too late

The path will twist and turn like snakes
So let us play by higher stakes
You haven't got a lot of time
Before the clock strikes thirteen times

In the center of it all
there stands the castle great and tall
A baby cries, the goblins grin
They know he'll soon be one of them

Ask the worm, for he should know
Which way you're supposed to go
Make sure you don't get turned around
For once you're lost you won't be found
May 02

Rebel Chance

Give me just one rebel chance
Let me watch the fire dance
Let me be the freak I am
Let me do it "because I can"
Give me life, I know I'll use it
Take my love, please don't refuse it
Give me smiles, I'd love to see them
Take my hand, I'll show you freedom
Because the sky is just so clear
Because for once we're without fear
Because I'm not like them, you see
But promise you'll still care for me
Give me just one rebel choice
Let me sing in my own voice
Let me belong where I do
In total freedom... alongside you