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Should schools have gardens?

Should schools have gardens?

Hardwick Elementary School

Imagine sitting in class, bored, tired and the teacher is making too many copies in another room.

There is nothing to look at except the kids playing on the playground; they are having fun, and you are doing almost nothing. You wish that you had a garden to look at while waiting for things.

I believe that all schools should have gardens. It can help kids learn about food and how it grows.

It helps the kids learn by having hands-on experiences.

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First Place: In Kirsten's Garden

In Kirsten's Garden
By Zofia Zerphy
Grade 6, Hartland Elementary School

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Honorable Mention: From the Ground Up

Lauren House

Grade 8, Essex Middle School

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Honorable Mention: It's Our Turn To Grow

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Garden Challenge Winner: Zofia Zerphy!

Winner of our School Garden Writing Challenge!
Zofia is a 6th grade student at Hartland Elementary SchoolRead her winning story, In Kirsten's Garden.

Honorable mention: Ramona Bilodeau, a 7th grade student at the Edge Academy at Essex Middle School, for her story, It's Our Turn to Grow; and Lauren House, an 8th grade student at Essex Middle School, for her piece, From the Ground Up. Congratulations, Ramona and Lauren!

And special kudos to these schools for their high level of participation -- Berlin Elementary School, Tunbridge Central School, Williston Central School, Essex Middle School and Charlotte Central School!
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A Garden for All

Why shouldn’t schools have a garden?  Everyone is always trying to promote fresh vegetables and better food. Wouldn’t having a garden at your school be one of the best ways to promote fresh fruits and vegetables?  I personally think that every school that can have a garden should, or maybe even a community garden. My school doesn’t have a garden where we grow fresh vegetables. There is one teacher who has a small garden where they grow sunflowers, but nothing major. I personally think that we should have a garden for a few different reasons.

Sharing Food


When my family goes to our grandparents house we watch sports or a comedy or action movie. Then we go out side and have a snow ball fight and throw a foot ball, or play soccer or baseball. And then we eat turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetable and other things. We share the food and we love the food. We have dessert, rest and then go home.


When you have a indoor garden here is want to have. You want to have seeds because you need seeds to have plants.

Then you want to have lights so your plants can absorb energy and live. After that you want to get a watering can

The Garden

I think my school is good to have a garden to help teach us how to plant and so we get presh from the school garden vegtables/fruit and I tried new fruit and vegtables because of that and to make plants survive, you must water one time every 24 hours until it is a little flooded and then spray it with a sprits bottle and it helps keep the leaves dry on letace and it helps cleand the top of it.


When you work on your garden you need to water it constently ,if you dont it will shrivle up and die like over breaks it happens to use because nobody waters them over break.I think schools should have a garden so the lunchroom dosn't have to pay for some things.

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