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Oct 09


There is something magical in the leaves during Autumn. 
Oct 07

the steps of making tea

i have never found myself in poetry,
but i think i may have found myself in your arms
as we sit in your kitchen, waiting for the kettle;
your soft eyes and parted lips, sculpted by aphrodite
as you silently boil the water. 

you have careful fingers as you pour the hot water
into two red, chipped mugs. i remember the
gentle pressure of those fingers twisted in my hair. 

curled green leaves lay with small jasmine flowers,
Oct 05
Jen L.'s picture

Weekly Writing Challenge 4- The Scene

The scene in front of her was almost perfect. Almost. Except there was something missing. Her best friend. She never would have thought that her friend would be missing out on this great reunion. The battle had finally finished, everybody was happy and celebrating. The only people who weren’t were the people who lost their loved ones and friends. She was part of them. Her friend died saving the entire world from total destruction. Yes her parents and siblings were alive and she was happy they were, but the person who stuck with her through elementary and almost all of high school was now dead. Nothing could change that. Though there is a slight possibility he survived. No matter what it was sad. She couldn’t celebrate with the others because she was on the verge of crying.
Oct 04
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Look over your shoulder, and you might see the person you've been trying to forget.
Lingering there like a shadow.
The ghost of your past.
Try, try, try not to notice.
But it's hard.
Just another walk down memory lane.
You're stronger than you think.
That person is behind you.
You're the one in front of them, ready to take the first step on.
Don't look back,as you fade into the distance.
And continue walking forward.
Forward, into the pouring rain.
Oct 03
mccaffre1's picture

Apple trees and pumpkins

The leaves shift from green to brilliant red

The workers at orchards press hot apple cider into a delicious steamy drink

The crops turn from beans and brussel sprouts, to pumpkins and parsnip.

The last days of October are filled with candy wrappers and apple trees ready for the picking

But what if every Autumn it's not only the trees that undergo change

and it's not only the pumpkins that are carved into unique shapes.

It will be the people this Autumn and every Autumn after that.

It will be us that renew the colors of our intelligence

And us that carve out our personalities again.

Us that shed our wrappers of ignorance and pompousness

Our happiness that we will bake into our apple tarts and thanksgiving dinners that we share gladly with others.  
Oct 03
poem 2 comments challenge: General
Layjmo's picture

Brilliant Words

Brilliant Words

I want to write something fun

Riddled with prose full of excellent puns

Such a thing is more difficult than it seems

Because not everyone has the means

To write such a witty and brilliant speech

Is a goal I cannot even hope to reach

Oh how I wish these words were brilliant

I guess I’ll just have to be resilient

And wait for that spark

That awakes my inner lark

And makes it sing the words

That are much less absurd

Than what has been written in the past

But words like that won’t even last

Because that spark goes away

Soon after the things you set out to say

Enter your mind

They are one of a kind!

The brilliant words don’t appear often

I wish that they could be harnessed like oxen
Oct 02
ZAP's picture

This year, I'll be maple

I stand on the uneven slope and breathe in, feeling the crisp air fill my lungs. Today is the day, I thought. The day of change. I am the last one this year. All day, I will stand in the meadow, breathing in and out, in and out, until my mind is filled with only the rhythm of my breath. Then I will change. My feet will go first, bare toes lengthening and hardening into roots of all sizes and shapes. Then my legs, morphing together and growing into a long trunk. After that, my torso, solidifying into maple wood. My arms will raise, leafy branches reaching up to the last rays of sun in the skies. My closed eyes become wood, hair growing into twigs and leaves. I can’t see, but that does not bother me. I am intune with Mother Nature. I feel her heartbeat. I sense her love for all the things from the earth. The world is quiet. I sleep. For how long, I don’t know. Then, sometime in February, a presence awakens me. I know the cold, I know it’s there, but I don’t feel it.
Sep 30
audio 3 comments challenge: General
Layjmo's picture

The Box

The Box

The idea that people aren’t the same

Seems to be something our minds cannot frame

Young people want to “fit in” and “be cool”

But is that really how we’re getting through school?

Kids are stifled, trapped in this cookie cutter

Our unique abilities tossed down the gutter

Too scared to show who we really are

But tell me, will that truly get us so far?

It seems we’re being trained to fit into a box

The way we all walk, the way everyone talks

Moves alike, identical syllabic flow

But what is it that we’re trying to show?

That we’re all able to be one and the same?

To follow societal rules in the avoidance of shame?

The alternative isn’t so bad, it turns out

Just showing the world what you’re all about

Where is the problem in that, I ask?
Sep 30
poem 2 comments challenge: Grades
Kittykatruff's picture

How I Feel About Grades

Those letters, percents, and comments
I check constantly, hoping
For the perfect A+'s, 100%'s, and
Words of praise from
All my teachers.
Every assignment, every
Quiz and test
What will colleges think?
What will my parents say?
What of the embarrassment
And guilt
If I get a 
Bad grade?
Report cards mostly convey
How students perform on tests,
With some thought of 
Homework, behavior, and
Class participation, of course.
The stress begins to build
As the testing time comes near,
As this one document
Could realize my greatest fear;
As if I forget just one thing
My grade will fall, and then my tears.
Students should learn and truly know
What teachers teach in class,
However I'm not sure that tests
Best represent everyone's abilities;
Some people may do best under stress,
But others do much worse.
Sep 28

Thinking, Thinking

Thinking, thinking, thinking
My head in the clouds
Soaring with the birds
Flying with the breeze

Oh! A lightbulb lit within!
A fire burning bright!
Illuminating webs and shadows
What a great idea!

Planning, planning, planning
So many things to do!
Must I do this now?
Must I do that then?

Worry, worry, worry
Life is not so kind
Anxiety presses down
So little, little time!

Thinking, thinking, thinking
What had I just thought?
My head is full of water
And everything is naught!