Gerund Poem

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Unrelated Comment: Yesterday was Adia's birthday! (Yeah, I know my characters' birthdays...) Yesterday was hers! I did not post this bit of knowledge yesterday, due to the fact that I wasn't on the computer due to a nasty, nasty migraine that kept me home from school. (I'm home again today; that's why I'm posting so much. :D)

* * *

Dusting shelves of
Kitschy knickknacks
And memorabilia from days she’d rather not remember
T-shirt screaming “Walt Disney Home Video”
And touting Sir Michael Mouse
Hair she doesn’t bother to touch.

Knapsack full of plastic trinkets
And the same green face on every surface
Stopping to hug a well-worn friend
Sleeping Beauty theme playing in her head
Thinking I’m too old for this.

Testing in the state’s top seven percent
Curricula written for the college set
Completed manuscript.
Smiling as she remembers tales of
Surreptitious elder women spinning shadows in their flax
Living in her head, because
There’s already a child in her heart.

Knowing that under her C-cups
She’s Petra Pan incarnate.

Regretting that she has no one to bring out the worst in her
Like friction, like the poison of enemies (lovers)
Like opium-driven strife-gluttons
Inventing characters –
They have to come from

Still, being herself.
Knowing that she wouldn’t be happy any other way.
Knowing that under her C-cups
She’s Petra Pan incarnate.