Apr 29
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Forget, Forget, Forget.
Just forget.

That's what I wish I could do right now.
I wish I could forget my mistakes;
I wish I could forget my embarrassments;
I wish I could forget everything that has gone wrong in my life.
But those memories have burned themselves into my mind.
cannot forget them now.
They stick with me,
And will stick with me until I die.
These things haunt me day and night,
Sometimes not allowing me to sleep.
If I could forget these bad memories,
I would;
But I don't have the power to do so.
I'm stuck with them,
And I know I'm bound to make more bad memories.
That's life for you.
About the Author: Leah.W
"True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less" -C.S Lewis