May 08
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Her Story

She walks through the hospital entrance,
Hoping that she will receive good news.
There's a worried look on her face;
She's not so sure that she'll hear what she wants to hear.
She walks up the steps of the carpeted stairs,
Her sneakers occasionally squeaking against the rubber lining of the stairs.
Her long, curly brown hair flows out behind her as she rushes,
Nearly two steps at a time,
Up the staircases and through the hallways.
Three staircases,
Two elevators,
And seven hallways later,
She stands in front of the door.
Oncology, the sign reads.
She takes a deep breath and enters the room,
Smiling as she sees her favorite secretary at the nurse's station.
She checks in and waits nervously in the waiting room,
Hoping beyond doubt that her tumor is benign.
Her oncologist gives her a wide smile and asks her to follow her.
Once in the doctor's office, she sits her patient down and tries to keep calm.
The woman patiently waits for her doctor to give her the news.
She deflates like a balloon,
The hope spilling out of her,
As her doctor's smile fades to a sad frown 
And says,
"I'm so sorry,"
About the Author: Leah.W
"True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less" -C.S Lewis