Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed In School

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Many kids these days have cell phones. You often see teenagers talking on their phones, or, just as often, texting. It has become a part of everyday life, and a part of our society. Many teenagers and pre-teens get cell phones as early as possible, sometimes younger than age 12. It is encouraged socially, especially among teenagers, to have a phone, and many teenagers get phones just because of peer pressure. Cell phones can be very useful, for communication between kids and parents (especially teenagers that can’t drive), and can be very important in emergencies.

But cell phones can also be used for less important reasons, such as excessive amounts of texting. One big issue concerning cell phones and teenagers is the use of cell phones in school. Many teenagers believe that cell phones should be allowed in school, during class.
But cell phones should not be allowed during school, because they would provide distractions for students and teachers, allow for cheating on tests, and for other social reasons. If a student’s cell phone rang during class, it would obviously distract him from the class and whatever the teacher is teaching. If this continued, it could prove detrimental to that student’s education. It could also be distracting to other students, for if someone was talking on their phone while the teacher was talking, it would be difficult for the students to focus on the teacher.

But what if two people answered there phone during class? Or three, or four? It would be quite distracting for those students, and for their classmates. Plus, it would certainly be distracting for the teacher-trying to talk over students who are talking when they are. One of the best ways to get in trouble during class is to talk when the teacher is talking, for it distracts the teacher, the student, and their classmates; if cell phone were allowed in school, they would increase the amount of time students are talking when they don’t need to, making the class more difficult to teach, take longer, and be less educational.
Cell phones could also provide a means of cheating on tests. Almost all cell phones have texting, and kids have become good at texting without getting caught. It would be easy for kids to text each other the answers to tests during testing sessions if everyone is allowed to use their phone during class. If teachers ask what students are doing, they can just say that they are texting their mom.

Now, some might say that kids are more honest than that, but they are wrong. One teacher had a story about a class he used to teach in. Some of the kids began to learn sign language, just for fun. The teacher thought it was good that they were doing something new and different-until he found out that they were using sign language to cheat on tests. If kids can find a way to cheat on tests, they will. Allowing cell phones in school would condone cheating on tests, allowing for teens to get unfair test grades, and would only prove detrimental in preparation for college and life in the real world.

Cell phones also can cause social “problems”, which would only increase if cell phones were allowed in school. First of all, cell phones are impersonal and rather anti-social. If a kid is using their phone to text during class all the time, they wouldn’t need to be as good at actually talking to others, which would degenerate social skills, which are very important in life for jobs, creating good family relationships, and making and keeping friends.

Another social problem that could occur is cyber-bullying. If cell phones were allowed to be used throughout the school day, it would be easier and there would be more time for students to use technology to bully other students (and without getting caught, unless the victim reports the bullying, which is quite rare).

Another problem with cell phones is known as “sexting”, which is when students send nude pictures of themselves to other students. This is very inappropriate, and is illegal in some places. If students had access to their phones all day, chances are the amount of sexting would increase, because of more time available to do so.

These all are known problems that cell phones cause or worsen, and these problems would very likely get more serious if cell phones were allowed in school. Despite what many teenagers argue, allowing cell phones during school would not be a good idea because of distractions to students and teachers, a new and easy way of cheating on tests, and enhanced social problems, including loss of social skills, sexting, and cyber-bullying.
All in all, schools will be a better learning environment and better prepare students for life in the outside world if cell phones are continued to be banned during the school day.

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Hey, I really liked this


I really liked this piece because of some of the less-discussed points you brought up. Cyber-bullying is still a relatively new thing that does not get discussed nearly as often as it should. Students and principals/teachers might know that it happens, but I'm sure that there are many parents out there who don't.

Are there any reasons why it is good to use a cell phone in social situations? Sometimes thinking about what the other side of a debate would say is a good way to strengthen your own argument that you are making.

Keep it up!


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i totally agree

i totally agree


Great Job! I totally agree!!

I argree

Because teens do play on phones




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I would love to love (haha)

I would love to love (haha) this post, but there's no "Love" button that I can see. So I'm loving it in this comment. It's great, and I wish more people would read it. It really gets to the main issues. I really think this would be good for many people to read, including educators and parents, and it might even help with the social-media overload that's happening in our country, and around the world...

It causes stress between people, because of the exclusion going on- you could be having a group chat within your friends, and forget to invite one person. That leads to hurt feelings and it just doesn't make sense. If they're at school, they can talk, face-to-face, with their friends, instead of texting. I get it if you need to let your parents know about something, but otherwise...  but this entry is really great!


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i fully agree.

I am a student myslef, I am in 7th grade. I think that all of this is very true. I am against phones in school's because of all the drama it causes, People cheating on tests and ect. But my school allows phones in class but we only get to use them for 3mins. inbetween classes. and i swear its just making more problems inbetween people.

i fully agree.

I am a student myslef, I am in 7th grade. I think that all of this is very true. I am against phones in school's because of all the drama it causes, People cheating on tests and ect. But my school allows phones in class but we only get to use them for 3mins. inbetween classes. and i swear its just making more problems inbetween people. 

Soo true

Im a freshman and we are writeing an argumentative essay about this subject and i toatally agree yet people still take their phones out and try and hide them

I agree 100 percent!!

I agree 100 percent!!

i think this would help alot

i think this would help alot of people.



Get it!!!!

cell phones should not be allowed in class

no cell phones




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Some kids at my school tried to convince our principal to allow us to use phones during lunch and I was totally against it. I was thinking along you lines too - it's anti-social (I mean isn't lunch for talking in person??) and it might promote cyberbullying.


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Here's another point

If you text and call, then WAY you write and speak will change

example. Instead of- the people are here, talk to you late

you say- the ppl, are here, ttyl 

in speaking- your attitude will change, and most of your talking will be " omg I know right?"