Bist du bei mir.

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I love this song very much. I have a bit of a weakness for anything in german.

I appologize in advance, I'm partially tone deaf- even after 5 years of playing the violin, I still can't really hear notes without a tuner. I've been told that I tend to go a little flat...

Also, I recorded this on our laptop, and our house is less than soundproof. You can hear the tv in the background from the next room over. And I believe at one point, you can hear the American Idol theme music. Isn't that epic?

This is a song by Bach called "Bist du bei mir"


Bist du bei mir, geh' ich mit Freuden
zum Sterben und zu meiner Ruh'.
Ach, wie vergnügt wär' so mein Ende,
es drückten deine schoner Hände
mir die getreuen Augen zu.

English translation:

Be Thou with me, then I will go gladly
unto [my] death and to my rest.
Ah, what a pleasant end for me,
if your dear hands be the last I see,
closing shut my faithful eyes to rest!

Isn't that morbidly lovely?

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I'm currently playing this

I'm currently playing this piece on the trombone. It was very interesting to hear a different arrangement; the one I'm playing doesn't include lyrics. Your voice gave the piece a haunting quailty, which I thought was great. It gave the piece a different taste than I'm used to.



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This is pretty good:D The tv is funny, but I didn't find myself distracted from the singing too much by it.

I love the treeble your voice has... Like Kayb said, it gives a rather haunting "tone" to the lyrics... *which by the way, sounded very "mellow" to me in german.

Great job!



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These harmonies are lovely. As is your voice ^.^

German is so pretty. I know a song in German... [not that it's relevant...] *starts humming*

But anyway. Absolutely lovely. I could hardly even hear the TV, honestly... it was only apparent when I listened for it. Which is what I did on the second listen. ^.^