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I've been working on writing a story (for reals I hope) I really like this idea, and I will be starting by sharing one of my characters background using the character questionaire written by Summer Gal http://youngwritersproject.org/node/65977

Anyhow hope you guys enjoy it!


Outline of story:

·      World without Ozone (O3), Suns rays are deadly, artificial O2.

·      Catastrophe caused O3 to become eliminated (burning of fossil fuels & such)

·      No central governments, society has to adjust to becoming nocturnal.

·      Chris is trying to find the remnants of his family in this hostile world.


Basic Questions

Name: Chris Dagford

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race/species: Human

Hair Color: brownish black

Eye Color: Black

Skin Tone: pale

Height: 5’ 6”

Weight: 110 lbs

Shoe Size: He has no clue, but 9 ½, no shoes left, only those that are lucky find a pair of shoes, and hope they fit.

Favorite Outfit: A pair of (very) worn jeans and a t-shirt (with a hole in the sleeve. When its cold, a warm winter jacket, that has a hole in its left arm from a knife blow that failed. Wears a baseball hat occasionally, with an old sports teams logo faded on it.

Personal Matters

Family: Cant remember his family, most died in Catastrophe

Background: Born 8 years BTC (before the Catastrope), family killed off by the scared government and citizens of the country, all by accident, some small grudge held about his sister

Where does this character live: In various shacks along the northeast coast, travels to cities a lot.

Digging deeper

What is in this characters pockets/bag/other: a bit of fluff, some money, a walkie-talkie, A med-kit, A knife (sharpened, and easily accessible, can be used for stabbing and cutting), A small locket with a picture of his family on the inside ALWAYS around his neck, a small note with the words I love you, Chris written on it carried with the picture. Locket is made out of gold, and has a metal chain threaded through it, so it can be worn around the neck. Has a watch (Timex) around his left wrist, keeps a spare battery for it in his pocket. Has a small lighter with biofuel in it, for emergency fires.

What is this characters favorite saying: Don’t go for looks, go for function

Does this character have any idiosyncrasies? Yes, he seems to always want a sword.

Speaking Style: Quiet and Profound, when with girls almost silent. Talks to himself a lot

Mannerisms: sometimes silly, and demeans himself in public. Likes to crack whatever jokes he can when he is comfortable

Flaws: Is pretty antisocial, sometimes contemplates going outside during the day to end it all.

Hearts Desire: To live in peace with a girl, and whatever is left of his family.

Deepest, Darkest Secret: Knows who caused the Catastrophe in the first place. Knows how to reverse it. Doesn’t care enough to help with it, because he doesn’t want to be known all over, wants to live a quiet life.

Reason for keeping this secret for so long: Nobody to tell it to, nobody cares enough about others, Is scared of others finding out what he knows, and hurting him to get the information, and then killing him because of it.

Mood: slightly depressed, but on the mend.

Is this character trusting, untrusting, or wary?: wary, not warty

What is this characters purpose (if it’s to dispatch info at certain points in the story, you need to rethink this character): MAIN CHARACTER

Also is to be the Seeker for his Sister, whom he is separated from.

Something he must overcome/change: His non-desire to be famous, or figure out a way to get the secret out.

Getting into the mindset of this character

If this character was swept up by a knight or a monster, what would he do? Stab them out of fear, and then run for his life. If he couldn’t get away

If this character’s parents were killed, how would he react? They were killed. Sorry, Bro. He was 9, and they were trying to get him to safety after the initial Catastrophe (out of the three) and they were overwhelmed by panicked neighbors. He cried for a while, but is now almost over it.

If this character was faced with the decision of running away or joining the fight, what would he choose? First run away, then fight. If he was protecting something, Fight comes before flight.

If this character was in a room with five character with clashing personalities, what would he do? Walk away. If he could. If he couldn’t, he would attempt to get rid of the people whose, personalities clashed with his.

If this character was in a fight, what would he do? Grab the nearest weapon and use it as long as it lasted, then grab another until he was overwhelmed. Fight to the last.

If this character was captured by pirates, what would he do? Steal a weapon and try to die fighting.

If this character met a person on street who asked for a date and said they only had so long to live, what would he do? Say yes if he liked them, but nobody dates now, so this question is irrelevant. If he didn’t like them, probably would slap them. 

I am currently working a sketch for Lily, his sister. I will be ommitting some major spoilers from the bio, and if you want to see them, well, I don't know how you can get that info. I dont want to spoil it for others.