Depths of Winter

The cold envelopes me,

Like a blanket’s 

Alter ego. 


I stand, waiting

For the warm arms

Of hypothermia.


I wait. 

Time slows to a halt. 

My body begs for warmth 

Like a child begs 

For a toy. 


My backpack becomes heavier. 

My arms become weaker. 

My eyes become heavier. 

Then I see it, 

far off in the 



The yellow, slowly approaching. 

My soul lifts, 

My body perks up. 

I know the end is near. 

The warmth is coming. 


Then it reaches me, 

in its yellow glory. 

Slowing to a halt. 


The bus doors open,

I climb the steps,

head off to school. 

Only to repeat the same 

thing tomorrow.