The first sighting was in the year of 1321 by Native Americans called it wakiwakipopomumu, “a great big llama like thing.” Since then it has been seen many times. Most commonly seen in America, it is said to move insanely fast. From place to place in seconds. It has never been caught.

But now my team: Bob the cameraman, Debra the tracker and Chuck (he doesn't do anything) will crack the case of  this llama monster. Is it  real or is it a fake legend? We will find out. We are The Monster Hunters.

We started camp in Cleveland on May, 7, 1995. We are still here. In fact we have been moving back and forth between cities in america for years now with no luck. But as of today May, 8, 2042, we have a lead. We found foot prints that matched the description, “smallish and hooved.” Described by “witnesses” the Llama Monster is about the size ofs a pony. And it looks like a rabid lamma. We followed the lamma prints until we came to a farm where the there were stray lamma prints all over.  

Later that day May, 8 we discovered that a llama broker was robbed of all his llamas and there was a stampede the lammas went all over the place. The truth hit me we are never going to find the llama creature.