Excitement is Stitched into my Backpack

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Excitement is stitched into my backpack,

I wish I could keep still,

a smile is peeking and peering it's way out.

I close my eyes and whisper reasuring pats in my own ears.

I zip up my sweater,

ready for a ride.

And step up to the big sign that says "Edmunds Middle School."

Last year was a breeze,

lingering within the happy memories.

The bell rings and we all race in.

Almost skipping in a smile stretched wide I turn to find my friends.


***Skip through half the year***


I wish now I could say she was my friend.

An air is stuck around me,

of disappointment in myself.

For I wish I could stitch this up,

with the thread in my backpack.

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Dear Angela Weasley, The

Dear Angela Weasley,

The image that sets the stage for this whole poem, that of excitement being stitched into the speaker's backpack, is really neat! While I can tell that something turned that excitement into disappointment (maybe the loss of a friend?), it is a little unclear how the speaker got from "Excitement is stitched into my backpack" to "For I wish I could stitch this up,/ with the thread in my backpack."  Could you fill in the *** for us? 

Write on,

Sarah G.

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Thank you so much for that

Thank you so much for that incredibly helpful comment, the *** means as the year progresses, I will be sure to put that in. Thank you so much for the feedback!

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I love the ending

I love the ending. It brings the whole story together by connecting the beginning to the end. It is very interesting and makes me want to read more. The whole thing is very well written. Nice job.  

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I really enjoyed this! This

I really enjoyed this!

This perfectly captured the excitement of the first day of school. I also love haow you can forgive the pun, tie in dissapointment and dispair. I would love to read this again after you have added in the half of the year you skipped. I really want to know what happened.