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Young Writers on VTDigger -- Gracie Childs

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My Sister’s Room

By Gracie Childs
The Grammar School, Putney

It is lonely here, say the sheets on the bed
No one sits on me anymore, says the blue chair in the corner
She enjoyed reading, says the pile of the books on the floor
She liked the color blue, say the dusty baby blue walls
I never get to feel the warmth of being turned on anymore, says the lamp near the bed
Her name was Francesca, says the crack in the ceiling
I miss how she used to hold me in her caring hands, says the purse on the wall
I loved the way she would open me up on a sunny morning, and let the warm sun shine in, says the window by the desk
She would always smile at me, says the I Love Lucy poster hanging on the wall
We all miss her, but we have to accept the fact that she is growing older now
We all have to accept the fact that she is gone,
Says the younger sister, sitting on the floor,
With tears in her eyes.

Wow, so heartfelt and

Wow, so heartfelt and beautiful. 

once in a lifetime, all the stars align. 

"My Sister's Room"

Well written. The personification really worked well because it allowed readers to get a different persepective and to really get a sense about the room being empty.