Natural Unpleasantries


Unrestrained natural activity is brutal and ugly. Without laws and regulations, written and unwritten, Earth would be one giant sphere of utter chaos. This is because the strongest force in nature is not kindness or love, but the self-serving, self-gratifying, and self-preservation aspect of individualism. Most everything that can be observed from plants, animals, and humans and show a selfish concern that is stronger than any other force by nature.

Plant life makes some of the most beautiful and wondrous sights and views in nature here in New England. Vibrant flower petals can be observed in the Spring, deep green leaves of trees in the Summer, and eventually wonderful collages of orange and red can be observed in Autumn. Simply beautiful. However, those beautiful plants come to be through a nature that we would consider ruthless if the plants had brains to discern their actions. In crowded environments of plants only the most stable trees make it. In their communities, the strongest plants will grow in a manner that will give them the most sunshine and water in order to grow. If this means stomping on their neighbor's chances, so be it. If they are in the way of the smaller plant that is trying to get some sunshine and water, tough luck. The plants live their vegetable lifestyle as a life of simply self-concern and self-preservation.


Then there are the animals such as lions. Lions, especially male lions, have this majestic aura that they are associated with, and they are often referred to as the kings of the jungle. In reality, lions, especially male lions, are lazy animals that want to get whatever they want without having to do much work for it. The male lions do hardly anything of significance while they force the females to do the work and fetch food for them. In addition to that, they will also kill anything that invades their territory and have not too many scruples about mauling their fellow lions for personal gain.


Then right alongside the lions are us humans. You look at people addicted to substances from heroin, to wealth, to even things as silly as baseball cards and shoes. People consume heroin to get the personal high, then when their body becomes addicted and when they want more, they will go through measures such as killing innocent people for money to fund their next high. Wall Street businessmen step on top of each other, along with the millions of middle and lower class citizens less powerful and well off as they are. They step on and over them to increase their personal power and the betterment of their own condition. Baseball card fanatics and shoe collectors will kill for a rare baseball card or a pair of exclusive Jordan 11s. We are bound to goals of personal gain at the price of the other.


Now, every so often we hear the touching story of the individual who didn’t step on his neighbor, the individual that saw his neighbor in need, or the individuals who gave their lives for the lives of others. Those are the blessed beings who were able to fight off the strongest internal, natural, and selfish desires. Love and kindness are not the most natural forces known, but instead are forces that require effort to truly achieve. Yet love and kindness are both worth the fight.