Maybe Next Week, I Guess

I'd thought to write a brilliant piece this week

A clever thing, chock full of puns and wit

A piece that hardly needed a critique

The reader could just sit and ponder it

The perfect line to start- now that's the key

To draw the reader in, to spark desire

Once drawn in it would lead the he or she

With novel thoughts on how we all aquire

The answers to life's questions, with a taste

Of cynic humor, or a piece to fret

How all our daily work is just a waste!

(Or something of that sort- it isn't set)

I'd thought to write a prompt with those designs

But now it seems that I've run out of lines.

Titania's picture


I love this sonnet! The irony and tight adherence to the sonnet form make it a great read. The only line that caught me up was "Once drawn in it would lead the he or she", because without thinking about it I put the stress on "once" instead of "drawn", which threw the rhythm. It works fine, but if there's any way to make that a little smoother (because that "once" really wants to be stressed) by changing the first word, or just tweaking the phrase a little bit, I suggest trying that.

Otherwise, great work!


An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all. ~Oscar Wilde