Honorable Mention: It's Our Turn To Grow

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This is my garden. The garden holds more inside it than food. It holds memories. Long sweaty mornings and short fatigued afternoons. A hearty laugh with old friends and a soft smile with new acquaintances. The walls of this garden are built strong and will not fall because we stand united.  


Our garden expands larger than most would. Our garden reaches outside the fences where the plants grow. Far away to the other side of Vermont. In a small town on the other side of this state a teacher has a beehive in his backyard. A whole civilization run by a teacher and his students. We come to visit whenever we get the chance. We have seen queens fall and come into power. Servants were once infected and driven mad. We solved this problem with limited material. We saw all these things happen. All in a few beehives.


Life grows outside man and animal. Our history is rooted within this forest. The trees holding the thought and feeling of everyone who roams here. Holding them inside. We tap the trees because the inside taste is just too good to gather slowly. Make haste. For sap is in our blood and has always been there for us Vermonters, and the Vermont trees fill our needs. So the connection runs oh very deep.


One part of the vast garden is the part that grows food. We protect it for the better. The kale grows extra tall as it bakes in the spring sun. It waits to be cooked into something for lunch, maybe a nice kale salad or kale chips. The plants sprout all around it. They grow like our stories do. When creating a garden it was a wondrous adventure that was just beginning to take form. This adventure has just barely started.

This garden has brought us together as people because we use this food in our everyday hot lunch. I am so thankful for this because the cafeteria lunch quality has improved quite a bit in my opinion. This garden has done spectacular things for my community.  This is our garden.


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Heyyyyy, I know

Heyyyyy, I know Ramona!


(I am that girl at 4-H who plays violin and guitar and sings, if you're Ramona and you're reading this.)

please pass this comment on to a recent blog post! giving comments is as constructive as recieving them. :)