#YWPSoS: July Prize Winners!

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#YWPSoS: July Prize Winners!

Greetings YWP nerdworders (epics, yippers, YWPeople)*, 

Announcing prize winners for JULY: Each of you will be sent a(nother) beautiful writing notebook and tasty tea generously donated by Trader Joe's!

1. Best Comments: Joystone!

2. Most Daily Posts: Pheonix!

3. Most Intriguing Story: SherlockHolmes's The Diner and ErinL.3's Courage, Dear Boy

4. Best Response to a Prompt: Kyrridwen's Joyce and the Almighty Dragon

5. Best Use of Multimedia: Tradys's Crescendo

Congratulations! Keep up the great work! We will be continuing on with prizes and prompts until the end of summer**! Keep writing!

* See: http://youngwritersproject.org/node/94590

** There might be cheese in the works for August... just sayin'...


Thanks to the three stalwarts who jumped in on a Google Hangout. Note to self: Google has changed (again) so we'll make it easier for you next time. Gist of conversation:

-- Prompts good. Great to have a place to just plain write. Good comments from folks.

-- Need more youth participants, but, dang, a lot of friends don't like writing. (Yes we need to change the world order.)

-- Keep the public chat in some form, maybe in a chaos room.

-- It's hard to give good comment. (Yes, we know.) AND IT WOULD BE GREAT TO GET MORE COMMENTS FROM SITE MEMBERS. (Mentors are nice, but...)

-- Posts are really high quality.

-- More publicity needed to spread word, bring more kids in.

 Thanks to all of you for your participation. And do try to spread the word. Share links to posts you really like. Practice the art of persuasion. Let's change the world: Writing is fun, when you can write about what interests you and someone is reading -- and cares about -- what you have to say.

Keep on writin',





I would love to participate!

angela weasley's picture

I would love to participate! :D

ǟռɢɛʟǟ աɛǟֆʟɛʏ♥

This sounds awesome.  I shall

SherlockHolmes's picture

This sounds awesome.  I shall be there. :)

I'm in!

Tradys's picture

I'll definitely participate in the hangout!

Thank you so much!!! :) And

Thank you so much!!! :)

And congratulations to everyone else; keep writing because you're AMAZING!!!!! <3