Summer of Stories episode 4: Run away, and hit the floor.

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The funny thing about running,

and not knowing where you're going,

is you most often get nowhere, but you're exactly where you wanted to go.

Sure, running away won't solve my problems,

but if I take a step back, I can see much more clearly.

So, tell me, if a step allows such clarity,

what if I look from a mile away?

Will I see that what I have been so worried about is smaller than I thought?

That, in the grand scheme of my life, it matters little?

So, I will run from my problems,

and then, once I have gained perspective,

I will charge at them, headfirst,

smiling as I fall into them.

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Very nice extended metaphor.

Very nice extended metaphor. I loved how it read so literally at first, and you slowly become aware that it is in fact a metaphor for something much larger. It also gave me the feeling of running away, and then you twist that around as well--running away until you can turn back and charge. This poem really takes you on a nice little journey, in a very concise and easily-understandable way. I had one change I would make, and it's really small-- I think "and then, once I have gained perspective," would be better if it was "and once I have gained perspective," just to keep the rhythm going a little quicker. Just a thought. Keep it up!

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