Frances C. Richmond Middle School

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Thoughts from an Eraser

I am a vital

Piece of society.

I erase your mistakes Read more »

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Love Poem to Sock

O! fair sock, 

shall I compose thee ballads

devoted to thine beauty

and whisper fair words

of truthes into thine ears.

For you are my heart,

my heart beats strong,

beats strong for you. 

I cannot express Read more »

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One girl dances 

alone in her room,

dances because

no one will see her. 

She is free, full of light,

dancing like a firefly. 


Outside this girl hides

behind her hair,

hides herself 

and the firefly.

No one sees

the firefly.


The other girl stands proud

before her peers,

stands confident and assured.

Strong and firey,

bright and beautiful,

like a firefly.


This girl cries 

alone in her room, Read more »

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Love Aliss

Dianne: Why did you kill Aliss? 

Aiden: She was a menace to us all. 

Diane: But I loved her. You knew that! And she died. 

Aiden: So did I. 

Aliss's mother: All of us loved her.  



I was so sure that it was a good idea to open the door. So sure. If only I had had a wizened and mysterious old great-grandmother who had told me, “Never open strange doors,” and then expired, I’m sure the whole thing would have been much more dramatic. Read more »



The first heavy snow of the school year usually brings a snow day. Sleep in late, eat something sweet for breakfast, get out the coats and go sledding. It would be nice if we had a nice smooth steep slope out behind our house, with a flat plain to slow down on. But no. Out back is a forest. Read more »


The Mysterious Blue Door

This is the story of how a door changed my life. I was nearly thirteen years old. At the time, I loved to swim, read, play the piano, I got good grades, and loved to write. My parents were always supportive of everything I did, my homework, my sports, my music. Read more »



I’m tired, it’s late. Three long, hard hours ago I started on my homework. I have enough homework to last me the week, but I’m almost done. Fffffhheeeeuuuu! I close my social studies notebook and turn on my old, battered mac to do English. It looks like google 8.7x is out. Read more »

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