Frances C. Richmond Middle School


It was my last chance to do it right. My last chance to make sure I survived. My status and title was all on the line for this final test of knowledge. I squeezed the weapon held within my hand as drops of sweat rolled down my face. My heart throbbed in my chest just waiting for a chance to jump out of my throat. I walked through the doors leading into the unknown territory with a total of fifteen other unlucky souls.  Fear and terror written upon their faces. Our only task was to come back alive after spending only 40 minutes in the Forest of Algebrainian. Read more »


Day Dream

A hot sunny day it was, 

In the back seat of the car sipping a milkshake,

Mom, Dad, and my baby brother up front.

Dad sipped his ice cold beer as lady vacuumed out the car,

The low hum of the vacuum and the heat lulling me to sleep.

It wouldn't be bad to stay like this forever,

With vanilla taste, endless warmth,

and plush leather upholstery.

But then the vacuum stopped, 

The car started moving,

And the wind through the window blew me back to reality.


The Last Chance


It was my las chance to find a crime to solve. So the next day I did. Read more »


Dive In Theater

Dive In Theater

It was the first time I'd been to a Movie.  Papa had said that people used to go to Drive In Theaters and watch Movies on huge screens. That was before The Heat. Read more »




in my head. Read more »


On The Edge

It was my last chance, Read more »


My last chance

 It was my last chance to run. All around me they began to converege. I tried to stand but the pain in my head prohibited all my moving capabilities. I just lay there. I tried tog et up but only suceeded to get on all fours. Then I was pushed down by rough hands. I could hear my captors trying to figure out what what to do with me. Maybe they would let me go? No, that was too much to hope for. Read more »

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It was my last chance to...

It was my last chance to.....


The night hung overhead,

black as a blackberry.

Everyone left with all of their belongings,

dogs followed along,

and I can still hear their barking.

I stayed and now it is quiet and calm,

no sounds around,

just me.


A Chance To Sled

It was the last chance to stop the sled, in less than ten-seconds Rosey would lift her legs, and the rush of the wind would come in my face and we would be off. This was our every year sledding, where me, Nat, and Rosey would cram into a car, in full snow gear with one large sled, and to the Occum Pond Sledding Hill. Read more »



A world consumed by smoke and fire,

the blood of man and tears of women.

The waters beckon us to come and play,

as hungry children starve away.

Our crowns of greed placed upon our heads,

ignorant of the death and sorrow we spread.

The trees wail out from their heavy chains,

burdened by the loss of life and pains. Read more »

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