Frances C. Richmond Middle School

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A Conversation with Siri

Me: Siri, search pizza parlors.

There are no songs in your albums called that. 

Me: No, Siri. Where is the closest pizza parlors? 

Here are your web results:

Me: I need directions to a pizza parlor. 

There are no apps on the App Store advertising that. 

Me: Siri, text Mackie. 

What would you like to say? 

Me: Hey, Mackie, going to the movies period Want to come question mark No boyfriends allowed period Read more »

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Love Aliss

Dianne: Why did you kill Aliss? 

Aiden: She was a menace to us all. 

Diane: But I loved her. You knew that! And she died. 

Aiden: So did I. 

Aliss's mother: All of us loved her.  



I was so sure that it was a good idea to open the door. So sure. If only I had had a wizened and mysterious old great-grandmother who had told me, “Never open strange doors,” and then expired, I’m sure the whole thing would have been much more dramatic. Read more »



The first heavy snow of the school year usually brings a snow day. Sleep in late, eat something sweet for breakfast, get out the coats and go sledding. It would be nice if we had a nice smooth steep slope out behind our house, with a flat plain to slow down on. But no. Out back is a forest. Read more »


The Mysterious Blue Door

This is the story of how a door changed my life. I was nearly thirteen years old. At the time, I loved to swim, read, play the piano, I got good grades, and loved to write. My parents were always supportive of everything I did, my homework, my sports, my music. Read more »



I’m tired, it’s late. Three long, hard hours ago I started on my homework. I have enough homework to last me the week, but I’m almost done. Fffffhheeeeuuuu! I close my social studies notebook and turn on my old, battered mac to do English. It looks like google 8.7x is out. Read more »


The Thingy

Eureka! I’ve done it! I’ve finally done it! Those were the sounds coming from our basement on a cool thursday night.What I thought, finished filling out tax forms, doing laundry, getting groceries? Going down my mental list of things that my dad hasn’t done in a while. Read more »


"This is no time to Snapchat!"

Mrs. Swampspoon was a terrible principal. She hated everything. Everything hated her. She was a monster. She stumbled down the hallway, always a nasty grin on her face. Her hair was a greasy black mop, animals seemed to be hiding in there. Read more »

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