Oxbow High School

My, Angel, my angel

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The bridge was the one place in town that let you look out over all of town and the mountains. It used to be used as part of the railroad until it was rerouted to make it a quicker trip. Now, kids just came out here usually to get away from their parents or escape the day. I decided to come up here just to see the fall colors as the sun went down. I walked along the bridge, trying to stay perfectly balanced on the rail until I reached the middle. I looked around at all of the graffiti and names carved into the paint, wondering what made that so interesting to do. Read more »


This Is No Time To Snapchat!

"This is no time to Snapchat!" Earl told his son as the deer walked into view. 

"No it's ok dad, I have it on silent," Levi said back to his father. 

"You kids these days..." Earl muttered while taking away Levi's phone. Levi picked up the gun and took a shot. He placed the crosshairs right behind the shoulder aiming for the heart. The deer dropped in it's tracks.

"Nice shot, son!" Earl yelled.

"Thanks, dad." He casually replied, "now can I see my phone?" Read more »



Although I have not seen him in many years, he has always been right beside me. Read more »



I was sitting in class, like every other day. Everything was normal, yet something felt wrong. We were sitting in math, when they made the announcement. They had said not to panic but of course everyone was. Wouldn't you panic if someone told you there was a man with a gun walking around your school? We all his under the desks and waited. Read more »


Oh My Angel

I am not sure how to explain my experience with you because you might ask questions and that would make him uncomfortable. Him being my guardian angel. He watches over me and does not get paid. He likes to be unknown. Read more »



My name is Jen and I love to Snapchat

Some people say I can be a brat Read more »


The Moment

The Moment


I look up and see what others miss.

While they stare at their device I stare at the beauty of the nature.

The world surrounding us.

Lost, everything is lost.

We get so caught up in our lives that we don't take the simple time.

The quick glance up to embrace,

And when they look up, what do they do?


This is no time to Snapchat!

In the few moments you can actually see the beauty you get caught back , again, on your electronics. 

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Curse You, Snapchat!

The ground shook. A rumbling noise echoed throughout the cave. I looked at my team. Our eyes met, and we all had the same idea. Read more »


Simple but Happy.

Once upon a time there was a little girl. Not a typical girl from those once upon a time stories, no, this girl was strange. A hair crazy, wide-eyed, barefooted kind of strange. She would play down by the old railroad tracks by herself, whistling as she meticulously put one foot after the other along the raised track. Read more »

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