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Save the Earth

Over the years there has been much debate on whether humans or nature itself is the cause of climate change.  It is true that there has been many changes that have happened in nature and in the development of humans.  However, humans are the main cause.



Letter From the Future

April 8, 2050


Read This!

In order to make a difference, someone such as I, will tell thee get off the computer and help thy community. The s*it (spit) has not hit the fan JUST yet, but will soon happen. Unless of course you get the inspiration to pick up a piece of trash.

Just remember the banana peel you threw outside your car window and just a few minutes later I break my leg and all because you couldn't compost. How do you live with yourself?

You could read this and tell others. Only just remember that I only said words and you did the rest that made the change. Please help thy communties.

Make Change

Carbon Tax

Isabella Giesing


Sometimes I wonder about the world


The day I stepped foot on America,

What I Do and Don't Like To Do

I have plenty of things that I do and don’t like. Theres some things that i’m forced to like and theres some things that i’m forced not to like.


Things I Do, And Do Not Like

I have many things that I like….. and many things that I don’t. Here are my top ten things that I like, and don’t like:


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