Oxbow High School

The Sweetness of Vermont

Vermont is filled with mountains,


Vermont is not like others,

It's a one of a kind.

Its beautiful in so many ways,

Outsiders could never find.


The Green Mountains that stand prodigiously,

Being seen in every view.

We Vermonters take in every sight,

While some don't even give a clue.


We also crave this sweetness,

Every Vermonter can see and tell.

Its the golden liquid on our pancakes,

That natural fresh syrupy smell.


We also crave this random, exotic, ice cream,

That is created in this state.

At The Other End Of The Ocean

I haven't seen him in a year. He went overseas to try to help with the war. The Germans were trying to take over France and they needed more men. We said our goodbyes and he walked to the green bus that were picking up the men. He said he would wright.

Within the next two week I heard back from him. He was down south in Georgia about ready to go on a boat. They were going to ship over supplies for the wounded soldiers. He wrote:

The Great Outdoors


Outside, where the chilly wind blows across my yard,


Vermont is the wild. The miles and miles of woods, separated only by the occasional field or dirt road. Vermont is true seasons. Hot   summers and cold winters, and everything in between. It is drifts of snow in February. It is mud and rain in April. It is sun and green in June. It is drinking freshly made hot syrup from the boiler in the spring.

My Bed

My bed is where I feel the most comfortable and safe. Not only do I just chill in my bed sometimes and listen to music or do homework, but it's where I go every night to sleep away the stress each day can carry. My bed is very comfortable and can ease my mind and help me relax. I love to sleep which is probably one reason why I feel so safe and comfortable in my bed. I can go there to escape the world and do my own thing. I can go there and sleep in as late as I can or as late as I feel like it.

Story of a Story

I like stories just as much as the next guy. I also have an imagination, or at least claim to have one, and it’s a claim that others back up, so I just go with it.

My Safe Place

The place where I feel safe and comfortable is in my bedroom.  Nobody can come in and disturb me.  That is if I don’t lock my door and my sister comes in without knocking.  Other than that, not many people come into my room without my permission.  It’s like my own little property, and nobody should be barging in without me knowing.

The Glow

It was late at night, maybe ten O’clock, when I was walking home and saw a glow coming from the bushes. Being a fifteen year old with curiosity larger than my brain I walked over and searched until I came across a pure glass, glowing ball.


Safety and comfort walk hand and hand

Together they come and go

Where do I feel safe?

The woods.

Especially the campsite.

Running up the path behind my house

Barefooted. Alone

Camping in the summer and beginning of fall

Laying on the fallen pine needles under the tall trees

Walking up the brook, the sky above

Walking in the summer, mud beneath my feet

Winter as the sun slowly sets under the horizon made of trees

The campsite

My thinking spot

My safe spot

My go to run to mad sad scared bored spot

Accompanied by the dog, usually no others

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