Oxbow High School

The Return

The walk to the dock is long and cold, with the November wind biting at our cheeks. The streets, which are normally bustling at this time of day, are devoid of their usual activity. Everyone must already be at the dock. Read more »


Revenge At All Costs

I’m nervous. I know I shouldn’t be. I’m a US Congressman and a retired Navy Seal for god sakes. Still I feel my hand shaking a bit as I reach into my pocket and start to go down on one knee. I look up into the love of my life’s eyes and I open the black velvet box. Read more »


The Unfaithful Man

I met Jason there Read more »


Two sides

*Read across not down! Read more »



Fastened to the seat.

Complete control over the vehicle.

Pedals, lights, music, and steering all in my control.


The snow begins to fall,

And the roads become slick.

The sky is white, and so is my field of vision.

Reaction time becomes slower,  Read more »


Split Second

The days were always the same in small town Vermont, nothing had ever really changed as far as I could remember. No secrets could be kept around here and rumors flew like birds in migration. Each day passed by the same way with people going to work or to school and the four or five buses running through town on the way to the two schools. Read more »


Best "Moment"

Over this past year’s summer break, my uncle and his two children came up for a night to camp out in our back yard. They were from Connecticut, and although the town in which they lived was far from being urban, it was also far from being out in the middle of no-where in rural Vermont. They had come up to camp in a tent my family’s backyard, to have a bonfire and light off some fireworks. Read more »



Ugh. I hate being an intern. Getting coffee, faxing papers, I can’t wait until I get to be in the big leagues and report a real story. This has been my dream ever since I was little. Right now I’m on a coffee run for the office. This morning when I walk into the building the boss comes up to me.

“Congrats kid today is your day,” he said but not very enthusiastically, “Our lead reporter is sick. You have to cover for Sarah today, we have a big story today.” Read more »


Oh Crap...

A field trip to Acadia.

We visited the ocean. Read more »

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That one stupid mistake

The reflection of the snow is bright,

The trail is completely open. 

First tracks.

I start to ski, 

really cranking turns

It's miracle snow.

Everything feels amazing.


Then all of a sudden I lean to my inside ski.

I start to feel the pressure vanish from my outside ski.

I panic, but I am well aware there is nothing to do,

unless I really want to hurt myself.

There it goes,

I slide down, all on my hip,

The snow is like a cloud,

Blowing everywhere covering me. Read more »

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