Oxbow High School

The Springtime

Him and I,

Walking through the park in the afternoon,



My feet are killing

Shredded Carrots


Have you ever wondered

Hidden In Misery

You lift your head, and lock eyes with yourself in the mirror.

My Mother

I woke to the sound of an alarm. It was five in the morning. I hit the alarm and roll myself out of my bed. I didn't want to wake up this morning but I had to. Today was my mothers wedding with her to become new husband. I didn't like the idea of this because my mothers husband is a jerk. He is full of himself. The only reason why he was marrying him because he was rich. My mother is a gold digger, maybe that was the reason why my parents got a divorce.

As I walk out of the room my mother pulls in. She looks at me and smiles. She scares me sometimes.

The Heart of a Champion

Winning is supremely the best feeling there is. To win is to have the world and its inhabitants look up at you and say, "You earned this." It is an indescribable sensation to become truely united as team, and want your teammate's success as much as you want your own. Athletes in particular know this feeling to be the ultimate satisfaction. To hit a buzzer-beating three-point shot, or score the goal that puts your team into finals; all those things are the most satifying highs for high school athletes.


I was lost. Hopelessly and miserably lost. I'd been wandering these woods for what seemed like hours. Every tree was the same though, with the same moss, and same stones tangled in roots at the base. Everywhere I looked I was surrounded by these monstrous trees, that blocked out the sun. Though now, it was approaching dusk, and that didn't matter. As it grew later in the day, so did the ominous shadows protruding from the darkest corners of the forrest. They seemed to nag at me, tugging at my clothes and mind. It was an eerie feeling. 

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I don't know what to say.

I have been cruising through life,

no drama, no enemies, no hate.

I have just been waiting,

for my jenga tower to crash.

That is how life goes you take it apart and rebuild,

waiting for it to become to much to handle.

Letting it fall,

and starting over.


It is almost as if I do it intentionally,

I don't try to not let my tower to crash.

I just prolong its life,

getting the same amount of disapproval as I would get with if I didn't prolong its life.


The Only One

I was sitting alone at a lunch, again. Nobody would stop to ask why I was sitting alone, nobody cared, nobody noticed me. Frankly, how could I expect them too? They were right for the way they treated me, I was in fact a nobody, still am.

You are You!!


I was sitting there listening to music when my friend Luke came up to and hugged me out of the blue. When he put me down I said

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