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Proving Ground

I quickly climbed on the bench to get a good seat on the rail. It was the second game of preseason, losing the first game left me wondering how tonight would unfold. I heard that they weren’t that good of a team, but their goalie was the best in the state. Read more »


An Ode to Happiness

An Ode to Happiness

by Kafré O'Connell


Ode to happiness for all to know.

Laughter bellowing out of mouths,

Screeching loudly for all to hear.

A smile, big or small, peering on someones face.

Joy in someone's bright eyes.


Shared as happiness should be.

Excepted commonly throughout the world.

Saving lives, or sending helping hands.

Warm hearts and kind words.

The light in times of darkness.

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An Ode to Fall


The colors change in Fall

the leaves turn from green to yellow, orange and red, 

and from there to brown to start the cycle again. 


Nothing can keep the leaves

from blowing away in the wind

It grabs them and picks them up, 

Never letting them know what if feels like to fall and be left on the ground. 


The smells of pumpkin lattes and cinnamon drift in the air Read more »


Hot Header

Corrina Oakley


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Something I should probably throw away but can't is an old dog toy. It's not fancy, in fact, it's falling appart. It was my dogs favorite toy. He carried it with him everywhere. I can't seem to part with this dirty old dog toy, so it just sits in a box in my closet along with an old ripped spiderman costume for a little dog. My dog wore it when he was a puppy. Anyone else probably would have thrown these things away by now, but I'm sure they're going to still be in this old shoebox in a few years. Read more »


The Turning Point

I remember the first time that I actually felt fantastic during a race. I was a freshman and in my first year of cross country and to be completely honest, I had no idea what I was doing. I had strongly disliked running up until this point; sure, I had my days were long, slow, distance runs were enjoyable during practice, but races--races were horrifying. Read more »



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A robe. Read more »


Early Morning Runs

As I roll out of bed I think to myself, “Why do I do this, day in, and day out?” I throw on my t-shirt and shorts and make my way downstairs to grab a glass of water. I grab my broken in, almost treadless, small hole in the pinky toes, running shoes. I lace them up and head down the familiar road to the start of the trails. Read more »

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