Oxbow High School

The Pain of Reality

“When you fall, when you break, when you wish you didn’t feel, Read more »


Go Start Anew

“Leave your stepping stones behind, something calls for you Read more »


Mocking Images

Silhouettes that frolic just beyond grasp.

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The Red Trail

The snow was perfect,

The last day of skiing for me.

We went on the guys favorite trail,


 They make jokes about me giving this trail's name a new meaning.


That tree came faster than ever.

Everything happened so fast it seemed slow.


I'm lying on my back in the snow,

My friends were scrambling to get to me.

'Are you okay?'

'Is she moving?'


All I can mutter is 'Am I bleeding?'

'No' they say,

'Are you sure?'

I roll over and spit, Read more »


Believe In Yourself

“Don’t Stop Believin’” Read more »


A Cold Ski

The cold can be felt even in the warm air of the house. Read more »



I take a step outside.

I know it is going to snow soon as soon as I am outside.

I can feel the presence of the unique, little, white flakes in the air.

It won't be long before the boots and coats will have to come out.

It is a magical time of year.

The majestic flakes falling from above.

Covering the sky in thier abundance.

The naked trees now covered with a thin layer of pure snow.

Laying on the branches in wait for a blue jay to leave it's trail.

Left there only to melt next spring. Read more »


To My Lyrical Companion

"So deep in the swill with the most familiar of swine"

-Hozier, "Jackie and Wilson" Read more »


What do you want?

Theres things that we plead for, Read more »



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