Oxbow High School

The Ice Boat

The wind whips across the frozen lake, biting into any skin that is unfortunate enough to be showing. I walk down beside the breakwater, one hand holding the stern of the ice boat. The boat is pulling me forward in the strong wind, and I am grateful for my crampons. As I near the edge of the breakwater, the wind picks up even more, and I tighten the scarf around my neck.

The Box

My alarm went off, but I put it on snooze because it was Saturday and I was exhausted. Dealing with all those students in the library can take a lot out of you. This week they were especially obnoxious considering it was the week before Christmas break. I even sent a couple of boys to the office after a little fight. It was nothing major, nor did I want to deal with it. I figured the best choice was just to send them to the office.

My Story


Dead of Winter



My world in Blues

As a kid, it was my favorite color,


And finally my feet are planted firmly on the ground

My fingers spread wide apart, the whistles through them

Unloved Penny

    There was once

The Box

I woke up like every morning. Same old routine, same old boring life. Wake up at 6:00, eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, gather my things, leave the house at 6:45 to open the neighborhood library at 7:00 am. Nothing ever exciting happens around here, or at least not like it does in my books. In one of my books a man in Ohio got a weird package that contained a bomb. All the detectives found the criminal. The story was riveting. I wish my life had some zest in it but sadly my life isn’t a best selling book. This morning I thought was just an ordinary morning.


       I was walking along the beach one afternoon not long after I bought my new house. I figured Florida would be a nice place to live, so with the fortune I had just acquired from the Powerball I bought a nice piece of land with a nice house.

Endless Change

Careful where you tread child,

here on the frozen earth.

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