Oxbow High School

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad, Read more »


The Last Minute.

Her gaze seemed to be engulfed by the ominous white of the blank screen. 11:15pm. She knew time was running out but her brain seemed to have been severed from her fingers, for when she tried to type it was just a long string of loosely connected words. 11:22pm. Control A, delete. Read more »



I’m kicking myself in the butt again. I don’t know why either. I can’t stop procrastinating. No matter what I do, I always end up waiting until the last minute to do homework. Read more »



Some might say Sophie is a strange girl. Others might think she’s messed up. They might even wonder if she has a disorder or not. You could say all of these things about her and they might all be true. But she is perfectly fine. Sure she may be a little angry, hostile and jaded. Read more »





Now gripped by boredom,

without any clippers, Read more »


Bad Habit

"What did you cut your bangs?" my hairdresser said to me while looking at my bangs.


"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Yeah... Why?"

"You're missing a bit of hair right here," she said pointing at my cowlick.

"Oh, yeah. I tend to touch my cowlick sometimes."

"Well that's probably why then. You're touching it too much and it's starting to fall out." Read more »

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Thank You, Mr. Williams

Dear Robin Williams, Read more »


Bigger Than it Seems

It calls to him,

everywhere he goes,

it follows him.

He doesn't know how to explain it.

No one listens,

no one thinks it's a problem.

It's eating him,

he isn't dealing with it.


She knows how to fix it,

she wants to help.

He doesn't know her,

He won't listen.


This is how a shopiholic lives.


Belle's Habit

Beep!  Beep!  Beep!  Uhhh, I just want a couple more minutes of sleep.  I don’t feel like getting up.  It’s way too early.  I finally decide to get up and go to the bathroom to freshen up before school.  The first thing I notice when I look into the mirror are my dark under eye circles.  Horrifying! Read more »


Bad Habit

Stacey thinks that she is better than everyone else. She constantly tells people how amazing she is. She doesn't listen to anyone because she thinks her opinions are better than everyone elses. She also has no friends because she thinks she is better than all of the other girls in the world. She doesn't havea boyfriend because none of them are good enough for her because she is perfect and no one can be as perfect as her. This is a very bad habit for her to have. Nobody likes her and she can't get along with anyone. People try to avoid her whenever possible and never invite her anywhere. Read more »

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