Apr 17
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White Walls

How long do I have?
How long before they take over?
How long before there is nothing left?
How long do I have?

White walls closing in again.
          I’m not Crazy.
          I’m not.
                                  Not yet at least...

These four walls get closer and closer with every breath I take.
          The white walls press against my skin and crumple my body into a ball
                          The white walls fill my body, weighing it down.
So heavy.
              So heavy
                            that I feel myself slowly sinking into the very ground of which I walk.
These white walls are both
                                           my home and my crypt,
                                           my passion and my apathy.
          I bleed these white walls,
                      I feel them flowing through my very being
Apr 15
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Wild. Crazy.

She was a wild one.
And that's why
I loved her.
           She’d confuse me.
                     She’d enlighten me.
She brought me some of my happiest days,
             Some of my saddest moments.
She was solace
She was chaos
                         She was wild.
And I dug my grave
                      trying to tame her.

I would never take back a single second
      spent with her.
I do not regret one moment
      within her hearts grasp
Some people fear the wild,
                 but I
                        embrace it.
                    For she was Wild.
             And I,

Apr 13

Sea of Stardust

There are myriad stories about the stars. Elaborate webs of shimmering lights with entire myths advocating them. Generations have input their opinions and theories on the history of space. But I like to think that each star has a million extraordinary stories.

    Three hundred billion stars in the Milky Way and with so many more galaxies beyond. More stars than anyone could possibly count. Ample opportunity for the people of Earth to tell their story, if we’re selfish enough to think we are the only ones.
Apr 08
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Oh, Spring!

April. It really is a beautiful month. Possibly my favorite. Today-75%! To think! April is also National Poetry Month. That could be another reason why I love it so much. No wonder. I suppose they chose that for a reason. Spring signifies new beginnings and most of all beauty. Poetry shares that with April. You could be someone else aside from your writing. I just can't get over spring! I love it so much! Right now I am reading Anne of Avonlea. I adore it. Anne is a beautiful writer and yet a beautiful character. Avonlea is a dream. Especially in spring. You might think it is not enjoyable-Brooklyn springs. But the thing is spring is beautiful anywhere.
Apr 06
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I Am Still Wonderful

They watch her from afar. They think she is carefree. And happy all the time. She laughs like nothing in life holds her down. Like she is a bird. But she hides her broken wing.

Her eyes always show her mood. Like a “naturally flavored dessert.” That’s what they think. (There is a tiny bit of added sugar) She has to pretend that she feels included. Or happy.

She knows that her family and friends love her. But that’s not it. She can’t love herself,her emotions or the twisted world she lives in. They don’t know.

But they might know that this is not her all the time. Not the depressed,insecure girl. That’s not all me. I am a writer, a friend and a girl with a broken wing who still will fly. Because I am loved and ready for anything that this throws at me.

Apr 06
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[unedited. also theres a cuss word yikes] 

I told myself I didn't have the right words for how I felt, and that I shouldn't try to quantify what I feel.
But the Feelings are pushing at my finger tips trying to escape, and the tears are at my eyes.

We were on my bed. dim lights on above. and I turned to her and 

She has this look on her face.

and I know she was tired.
and I know we haven't been together for long.
and I know she was a little under the weather.
and I know I shouldn't fall this easy.

But she was just. looking at me.
wide eyes.
pupils dialated.
mouth parted.

looking at me like.
like she loved me.

like I was beautiful with my tired eyes and messy hair.
like who I was, was more than enough for her.
like she was happy to be with me.
like there was no where else to be.
like there wasn't anything else on her mind.
Apr 01
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A letter to somebody I used to know

Mar 29

my thoughts

If you do read the second word
Mar 25

The Definition of Modern-Day Schooling

The Definition of Modern Day Schooling

Everyone is genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.’ — Albert Einstein

    It is 1905 in France and a psychologist named Alfred Binet is developing a test of intelligence. The French Ministry of Education is waiting for this evaluation to be completed, then handed out to students to determine which of them were slow learners.

The test was introduced as the ‘Binet-Simon scale’. This seemingly minor event would set off a butterfly effect that would flap its way right into a brewing storm. A century later, the youth are still feeling the wind from its wings.
Mar 23
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I am Your Friend

Someone to laugh and talk with.
I'm a wall, surrounding you from your inner horrors.
Mar 22
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Friends and bad friends

A friend doesn’t treat you badly if they do that’s not a real friend. If someone makes you choose/says you can’t be friends with someone. That’s NOT a good friend a friend supports you in decisions in your life. I had friends like this and I got ride of them after weeks of them fighting and putting me in the middle of the fight. It was like there was something wrong with myself I felt awful I lost sleep, didn’t eat well, cried in my room cause it hurt. This isn’t a health relationship and should not happen. I even felt like it was my fault. I care about everyone around me and I would never wish this upon anyone.
Just be you! Don’t let anyone put  chains on your ankles so you can’t move on with your life. Make your life what it needs to be.
Mar 22
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Do Your Homework!

“Kevin, do your homework” Mom yells.

I swirled those foul tasting words in my mouth, they taste of rotten radishes and mustard.
Mar 21

No more apologies

Stop right there.

Don't even try.

I see that look in your eye. That look you have when I did you "wrong"

When I did what was good for me.

It won't work anymore. I'm my own me.

I'm not your toy. I'm not your servant or bodyguard.

I'm still putting myself back together from what you did.

Tricked me into thinking I needed you to be able to survive.

What a lie.

I'm going by. Not falling for you "secrets" or lies.

You never loved me, you just wanted someone to do your command.

I'm moving on. Not stayed one more time.

No more chances, no more apologies to accept.

No more apologies to give, not one more damn to you.

Nothing you say can change what you did to me. I cannot forgive you, I won't even try.

I can't let you drag me across the floor one more time, my bruises are healing and my wounds and mending.
Mar 16

you, again.

i ask myself how it can be so hard
to stop loving someone you never truly knew.
then i remember your eyes that glistened like a copper penny,
your voice pouring like

when you whispered lies as soft as the summer breeze.
nearly as though they were the truth.

but the word danced from your tongue
slicing the silence with a single syllable
almost as though you had practiced.

and the hurried apology that tumbled from your lips,
same as always.

we shared secrets like trading cards

tears mingling in the gutters.
wilted promises, dried up truths.
you left the door ajar:

an invitation of sorts
but never for me.
so every time you forget to look back
i’m letting go finger by finger.
as if this time you’ll catch me.

losing you leaves scars
Mar 13

letting go pt 1 (A)

fuck you for pretending to be my best friend
for preying on my happines and leeching off of it
just so you could sustain yourself long enough to drain me dry
fuck you for being so manipulative, degrading, and mentally dangerous
fuck you for hurting me over over again and for apoligizng tearfully every tim
because you knew that if you cried, I would hug you and say
"it's okay, it's alright. I love you"
fuck you for making me feel like one of the ugliest, stupidest, saddest people
for telling me i was the reason for all your destructive tendencies
for blaming me everytime you messed
that shit was on you and you made me think it was my fault
three years of that fucks up a person so
fuck you for being so damn toxic to my mental health and for
keeping my mind locked away in a safe so that i
couldn't realize all this
for lying to my face about anuthing and everything, regardless of importance
Mar 13


I've never been so proud of myself before!
Today, I
Had a good conversation with someone I don't normally talk to;
Made eight swishes and many more baskets in gym class;
And acted like myself around people other than my best friends!
I've never truly considered myself "athletic", but now,
I think I can fit that description.
I played basketball in gym, and did a really good job at it! Just ask Alaina and Paige.
Not only that, there were two guys kicking a ball around, and when it came my way, I kicked it PERFECTLY at one of them!
My best friend, Alaina, has never been more proud of me.
I had a really good conversation with someone I hope to be friends with one day;
I say this because I know that we would both love discussing politics.
We both have the same viewpoint politically;
And when I told him of something someone had said about something I strongly believed in (Yes, I stood my ground),
Mar 09

The Unorthodox Guide to Breaking the Dictionary

Stories have been a part of humans since before time. Collections of words someone has woven together, tighter than the seams of your shirt. It’s quite incredible really. Whole worlds pop into existence, layer upon layer of details. Authors create people with more detailed backgrounds than you and me. People so real you can almost hear the rhythmic thumping in their chest. It all stems from the words used. In reality, words have already written the story if you look closely. Words have a persona, a background, a conscience. Words can flow out of your mouth like your favorite song. They can break you down and bury you far, far, underground.
Mar 03

A Random Rant

The past few months have honestly drained me emotionally.
Ups and downs, like a rollercoaster;
Feeling like I'm on top of the world one day and then feeling like the lowest of the low the next.
It's honestly frustrating me.
I hate all of the drama unfolding in my life.
It's like my life has become one big soap opera!
I'm so 
And there's nothing I can do about it.
I'm hesitant to even post this, since I've been known to complain about this a few times.
Don't believe me? Take a look at some of my recent posts concerning this.
I don't like to pour my heart out much, but sometimes, the best way for me to do so is through writing.
So I apologize if this post annoys you, but there are plenty of other things to read other than this.
I'm tired of what's been happening ever since December.
Should've stopped myself, but I didn't.

Mar 02

Various Love Songs

I've always been a hopeless romantic, so of course, I had to choose my favorite love songs for this occasion.

"When She Cries" is a country love song performed by the band Restless Heart, written by Sonny LeMaire and Marc Beeson. It was released in August of 1992, in Restless Heart''s first album not to feature lead singer Larry Stewart.

The road I have traveled on
Is paved with good intentions
And littered with broken dreams
That never quite came true
When all of my hopes were dyin'
Her love kept me tryin'
She does her best to hide
The pain that she's been through

When she cries at night
And she doesn't think that I can hear 
She tries to hide
All the fear she feels inside
So I pray this time
I can be the man that she deserves
'Cause I die a little each time
When she cries

Mar 01
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409968000 Seconds

409968000 seconds seems like a lot of time.

Or 6832800 minutes.

113880 hours.

4745 days.

13 years.

That was all she had.

Walking, talking, breathing.

Because the pressure of being perfect was too great.

Because she was told once too many times that she wasn’t good enough.
Suicide if real.

Suicide is real, and we need to stop it.


People are unique, and we need to accept that.


Because if we don’t,

all we are left with are broken hearts.

I used to play with that girl.

We had sleepovers,

we went to writing workshops together.

Now all that is gone.

All that is gone,

because she tried to meet the standards

of society.

So now I raise my voice.

I raise my voice, because I care.

I cared about that girl.