Mar 19
fiction 2 comments challenge: Dye
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I drag my fingers through my hair. I’m finally about to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’m going to dye my hair a new shade of green.
I pick up the bottle of hair dye and twist the cap off. It smells like chemicals and is the brightest green that I’ve ever seen. The dye is neon green now, but I assume it will change to the muted, soft green on the packaging once I put it in my hair. I work in a hair salon, so I know what to do already since I’ve done this to other people hundreds of times.
Jan 11
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Birthday Party

My earliest memory is stored in the back of my brain, shrouded in a mist.

My earliest memory is foggy, I can only see a blurry vision when I think of it.

My earliest memory is from a long time ago, on what seems like my cousin’s birthday.

I can see lit birthday candles, with flickering flames waiting to be blown out.

There are balloons too, lots of different colors of them, floating in the air.

I can barely remember a slice of cake on a paper plate, with a layer of sweet frosting on top.

I don’t see much when I think of it, everything is cloudy, but I do clearly remember one thing.

My earliest memory is surrounded by a sense of complete happiness.

Oct 29
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The leaves plummet to the ground

Hues of summer fade in to the muted, earthy tones of a new season

Everything changes quickly, in just a few days

So do I

Every year, when the leaves start to fall, twirling down to the ground, I know it is time

Taking in the colors around me, I slowly walk through my yard

Hundreds of leaves crunch at my feet as I walk

I can see my breath as it leaves my mouth, chilled by the cool fall air

And soon, it happens

Roots grow from my feet and bark forms around my skin

When those are done, I start growing taller

I turn slowly into a tree with branches reaching up, towards the sky

Leaves form on the branches, but quickly change color and fall

Leaving the branches bare

This is how I spend the colder seasons, becoming a tree and staying that way until spring comes
Mar 26
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The End

I’m walking around town with my dog, it’s a normal, warm Sunday.
I walk  by my school and I see a brick falling out. That’s weird, I’ve never noticed that before, I think to myself. I was going to try and walk by as fast as I could, not wanting to think about returning tomorrow. 
I decide to examine the brick. The brick easily slips out, along with a note. The note is folded neatly in half, and it’s perfectly clean, like it hasn’t been there for long. 
I see that the first line says my name in it. How would whoever wrote this know my name? How would they know I would be here at this time? How would they know that I would notice and stop to look at the brick?
I decide to start reading.
Dear George,
I’m leaving this note for you to tell you that the fate of humanity lies in your hands. As soon as you finish reading this note, the world will end. You only have a few more sentences.

I squint my eyes. Is this serious?
Feb 15
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A Social Day With No Social Media

I woke up with a start and immediately looked at my phone. Someone had liked my photo and commented at midnight last night. I clicked on the notification and it took me to the loading screen. I waited for five minutes, but the app wouldn’t load!
I turned on the TV and saw a panicked newscaster reporting live. “All social media applications have shut down!” I ran outside and saw all of my neighbors. They all looked scared. How could we live without being able to share every moment of our lives? 
I yelled to my neighbor. “ Why is this happening?” 
“I have no idea! I can’t show everyone what I’m having for breakfast! And I made it just so I could take good pictures! It doesn’t even taste good!”
I went back inside and made a plain breakfast that wasn’t so photogenic.
Then I decided to go to the library to get a real book to read. What was I going to do with no social media? 
Jan 03
poem 1 comment challenge: I Like
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The Best Time of the Year

I like running down the stairs in the morning, looking out the window and seeing the crisp, freshly fallen snow
I like going outside, the new snow crunching under my feet
I like seeing all of the cars pulling into the driveway and seeing family members knock on the door for family gatherings
I like eating food together, telling jokes, laughing and talking with family I haven’t seen in a while
I like eating so much food that I can’t eat anymore 
I like sitting by the fire with my eyes closed, letting the heat envelop me
I like watching the pie being cut into slices, then eating it, savoring the taste of it, because it is only made during this time of the year
I like saying goodbye to people and watching as it gets dark out
I like going to bed, looking out the window and seeing the crisp snow falling, forming a fresh layer

Oct 24
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24 Hours

At 6:41 P.M. yesterday, I told my mom to hide my phone from me for 24 hours. Just now I got it back.

Going without a phone for that long felt weird and was really difficult. I woke up in the morning and saw that my school iPad was fully charged and ready for a day of learning. Normally, I have to decide if I want to plug in my phone or iPad, but I didn’t have to worry about it that night.

Getting ready for school in the morning, I’m normally off and on my phone, but today I was ready for school faster than normal without the distraction of a phone. I got in the car to leave and headed to school, not having to worry about plugging my phone in to get a little bit more battery life.