Jan 11
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Every little girl is obsessed with fairytales
Cinderella, Belle, Ariel
Missing shoes, talking lamps and whosits and whatsits galore
But I didn’t just want beautiful
I wanted stunning
Not just great
But grand
I, I never wanted to be a princess
I wanted to be a queen
So my favorite movie was “Frozen”
Princesses from my past shattered
Like ice, ice cold snow from Elsa’s powers
She was not a princess
But a queen
I liked Frozen because of that whole “girl power” thing
Like you don’t need a man to save you and all that
And that movie was like the beginning of feminism for me
The beginning of melting the glass ceiling above us
But Elsa, she was always frozen.
She has power and was regarded as a “witch.”
She had strength and had to run away.
She had anger and everyone thought she was evil.
Elsa is not just an ice queen
She is a CEO
A politician
A lawyer
Nov 06
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Six Things I Loved About Thomas

This poem does not articulate my opinions on this specific issue. It is from the perspective of a mother whose son was killed in a school shooting, talking to the mother of the shooter. It raises an important question: whose fault is it? 

Six Things I Loved About Thomas:
1. He was never afraid to be honest. Sometimes, I mean it was brutal.
Thomas do you like my dress? No mom you look fat. 
Well okay then. No dinner for you. Or me.
2. He liked to paint his nails.
When he turned five, he picked out my dark purple nail polish.
That didn’t surprise me- he was never afraid to be himself.
What did surprise me- when he came home with a girlfriend at 15.
Key word: girl. That didn’t last long.
He was out of the closet by 16.
In drag by 17.
3. He was never ashamed to have me as a mother.
I had him when I was just 16.
I was scared for myself
But mostly scared for him
Jun 13
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Is it really vain to take pride in how you look? 
I mean... I guess... by, like, definition, yes…
But I don’t really DO definitions. 
Each outfit in this closet is a piece of me. 
Each button, each strap once informed who I was. 
The long striped dress my mom bought for me…
Why do I still have this? 
The pink chiffon romper I wore on one of my first dates. 
He wore sweatpants. 
It was love at first sight. For me. 
It was love at first sight for him when he saw Gwen Johnson. 
Or the red high waisted shorts I used to wear every fourth of july…
Until I saw Gwen Johnson wearing the same exact ones.   
That girl was really just pushing my buttons.

The pressed down button up, pleated plaid skirt and lime green tie. 
Our school colors, go Sweet Peas! 
I wore this, everyday from 8-2 pm, five days a week for four years. Disgusting.