Apr 23
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gray to yellow

I was was gray.

I liked rain,

I listened to sad music and wrote poems and songs about heartbreak,

But I then turned to yellow.

I love the sun.

Sunflowers are my favorite plant.

I spend my time in the warm rays of light

Reading books of love and happiness.

Before I met you I was gray.

I enjoyed staying home,

Hiding alone by myself.

And then we met and I became yellow.
Mar 20
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He’s standing on this earth right now.



It could be someone standing right next to me.

It could be someone halfway across the world.

That person is alive right now,

Living life.

My teacher thinks he’s a sophomore currently.

He’s taller than I am.

We’ll be happy, a good family.

She believes he plays guitar,

We complement each other and our music.

We aren't jealous of our different skills.

He has blonde hair.

He wants to live in the country.

He drives a black truck,

A Ford.

I wonder if this is true,

If I really will end up with someone like that.

It seems so perfect.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.  
Mar 14
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Hellos from Heaven

I remember it so clearly.

It was about four pm,

Golden hour in the beautiful town of Orford, New Hampshire.

My mother was gone,

Trying to find you,

To figure out what happened.

Everything was on the news that night.

I was at my grandparents for the week,

Staying there to visit.

I was going on a run down river road,

My grandmother not far behind me, talking to family friends who stopped by in a red Chevy.

Everything there was so still.

The sun shined golden though the long grass, The deer were in the corn field.

You could just barely see the covered bridge in the distance.

I never knew how dark and upsetting everything would become,

That the blue skies would turn grey to me,

To all of us.

I had music playing on my phone,

When my music stopped,
Mar 05
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Till I collapse

Lighting strikes.

You gotta be faster than that

9 pitch inning can’t get better than that.

You gotta work for it

Show the game whos boss

This is the big league,

No game can be a loss.
Till I collapse I’ll throw the heat.

I'll run these bases till my lungs give out.

I am a champion.

You're gonna know my name.

You're gonna remember me.
I’m a fighter,

I’m not gonna let you win.

6 ft stride,

And a fast windmill

Every. Single. Pitch

You work for strikes.

Hours every day.

Blood, sweat and tears

It’s all in the game.
Till’ I collapse I’m throwing the heat.

I'll run these bases till my lungs give out.

I am a champion.

You're gonna know my name.

You're gonna remember me.
This is our game.

My teams.
Jan 29
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The Fault in Our Stars

I stood there,

Watching him...

He looked  elegant just standing there

In his brown leather jacket.

His smile  plain,

But charming.

He took a packet of Marlboro cigarettes.

A sudden feel of wrath took over my mind,

How could he possibly light a cigarette in front of a person who has lung cancer?

Cigarettes cause lung cancer.

He could see the upset expression I had on my face.

He said, “Hazel Grace, they don’t kill you unless you light them. And I’ve never lit one.

It’s a metaphor you see,

You put the killing thing right between your teeth,

But you don’t give it the power to do its killing.”

My face went blank.

He had stunned me.

He always finds a way to stun me.

I will always remember Augustus’ Waters perfect metaphor he used to save my life.

Jan 28
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Sea Glass

It was a partly cloudy day. A Thursday to be specific. We had just arrived the day before in Boothbay Harbor, ME. Everyone had already walked back to the hotel, after breakfast in the Inn. It was just my dad and I walking back. As we were walking, we decided we wanted to go ahead and sit there for a while watching and listening to the ocean. We sat in the blue and white wooden chairs. We heard the sailboats drifting out to sea. The lighthouse was just barely visible in the distance on a small island. The sound of the waves splashing against the rocks and the squeaking of the seagulls. It occurred to me how lucky I was to be in such a magical place.
Jan 28
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Poseidon's Seven Seas

One wave of his trident and the entire world ends,

The clouds turn black and the sea becomes dark.

All of the agony starts at once.

The seven seas roar as the enraged waves thrash against the shore,

The wind blows at massive speeds,

Forcing different things into all directions.

Villagers scream and grip onto poles,

Holding on for dear life.

But the winds are too strong.

This is Poseidon bringing in his new folk.

People plunge into the water,

The population of the town decreases rapidly and the population of Poseidon's nation increases.

All of a sudden it's over,

Poseidon has his new society.

Jan 25
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A dim light in a darkened abyss

A sudden feeling of sorrow and isolation circulates

Through her head.

Pain runs through her veins,

Like a rush of adrenaline.

Her emotions make her feel like a hibiscus

In a field of roses,

Feelings of insecurity and inadequateness.

In her mind, she wanted to give up,

To stop trying to see hope in her future.

A tormented state of mind is mixed in with this mess.

But you wouldn’t let her leave.

You showed her that there was a light that could be seen in the dark.

You brought to her the fact that there were people who loved her,

Who would care if she left.

There was something you taught her about people.

Their feelings are like glass,

Anyone could break at any moment.

You have to be very gentle with the glass,

For it will break if you aren't.
Jan 25
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The Perfect Ride

Leather reins in both hands.

My heels down barely touching the dirty silver ring of the stirrups.

Eyes up.

I click my mouth and you go,

Starting in a walk,

Then transitioning to a trot.

One two one two I post,

Gliding with you along the far wall.

Looking in the mirror,

Checking my stance.

I roll my shoulders back and point my toes up.

The soft half chaps brush against the dressage and sporting saddle.

You keep going,

So graceful.

Every single step is thought out,

Well done.

My hands,

A quarter of the way down your neck.

Everything is silent.

Everything is the way it should be.