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May 05

The Truth of Spring

Earth is awakening from its bitter cocoon,
Flowers unfurling like dancers,
Stems and stamens to the sun.
Life is tantalized by the novice breeze
And the promise of better days
All made by one who may not keep it.

Is spring new life or death to winter?
We bid farewell to arctic winds.
Snow and ice merging into ground
Stone warming rather than stone cold.
Green shoots appear, a nemesis to frozen earth
And warm breezes a boast to frosty gales.

That sapphire sky, so blue and clear,
Covered by thick blankets of cloud,
And woven through with rays of particulate light.
Is it a just prank, a joke of Nature?
A gift given and then revoked?
We know not.

And yet, we cannot help but enjoy it;
We’re human, after all.
Gifted in finding delight in such simple processes
As the rotation of the earth in space
And the radiation of the sun
May 03
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A vacation away from all of this sounds like a great idea. My sister and I just get up and leave. Noone talking to me for days. Just my sister and I traveling to the Bahamas. The smell of the salty ocean waters blowing in our faces. The sway of the palm trees blowing in the winds. The warm sand beneath our feet. The sunny blue skies and the blue ocean waters offering a new scene.

No more muddy rides home. No more squishy lawns. No more surprise snow. Just us and the coconuts. The sunblock and the sunglasses. A vacation in the Bahamas with my sister and relaxation is my dream vacation.

May 03
poem 2 comments challenge: Senses

Ode to The Rain

My footsteps gently patter on the sidewalk
But I do not hear them because I have my headphones on.
I pause for a moment, taking off my headphones and they rest around my neck.
I adjust my glasses and look around.
The sky is a solid, pale grey color
Matching the gloominess of the day.
There is not much to look at
Besides the damp trees and the dew-covered grass
And the occasional car going by.
Raindrops softly land on my hoodie.
It is not raining much, but it is still cold and wet.
I pull my hood up and study my surroundings.
Still not much to see.
Not many people are around.
The gloominess has kept them inside.
It truly seems like a sad day.
Everyone is plagued with that little nag in their chest
The feeling of gloominess even if they’re happy.
It’s one of those days that make you feel like you’ve lost your best friend.
For some, that truly is the case.
I see a few cars drive by.
May 02
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Misc. Art

Apr 30
poem 0 comments challenge: General
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The Beach-A Tanka

Flip-flops in the sand.

Simple shells in cool water.

Big waves crashing down.

Seagulls swooping down, catching fish.

Swaying palm trees, good times.
Apr 30

Apology To The Earth

To our planet,
I know that you are in fact,
A planet, and you can't hear me.
We have taken your oceans,
And filled them with trash, and oil.
We have taken your land,
And we have thrown garbage onto it.
We have taken your resources,
And then more,
And more,
And more.
We have taken your air,
And we have put chemicals,
Pollution into it.
We have taken your animals,
And killed them,
One way or another.
We have continually hurt you,
And taken from you.
And now,
When there is so much destruction,
I wonder,
Is it even possible to save you?
Or have we finally gone too far?
I am sorry.
To our planet,
I apologize.
Apr 29
poem 1 comment challenge: General
joseph.deffner's picture


Loss is a hard emotion to process

Doesn't matter what you’re losing

Be it a phone, a loved one, or in my case, a dog

You might feel guilty about your decisions that led to loss

Or want to give up on everything

My dog was an important part of my life

And she always will be- even if she's not here

Most people believe that when you die, your gone,

I believe that even if I can’t  see her, though, Kelly is there

She’d follow my mom about, keeping her company

And lick my face, telling me about her day

And in the real world, I would strain

Strain against the divide,  trying to see my dear friend

And even if I won't ever see you again

You'll stay with me and I will stay with you,

Until the end.
Apr 29
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Awakening: Hibernation turns to spring

The snow is reluctant to leave
Trying to cling to each blade of grass
Every limb of the tree
But the grass wants to grow
And the buds want to bloom

The animals feel the daylight change
Their ears, eyes, and nose, are eager to explore the wood
The bear cub spots the first light of day
The newly hatched owl chicks watch from above
Minnows will soon swim in the streams

Spring is here, spring is coming
Spring is finally upon us.

Apr 29


It crept up so slowly I could barely hear its hollowed footsteps. It crept up
soft as April creeps up
when you can barely tell the beginning of spring
from the end of autumn.

I didn’t always have words. Now I can reach a bucket down inside my chest,
draw up pails full of them, but then
I didn’t know the words for the curve of her neck is so smooth
her hair makes my skin feel on fire
her smile makes me want to hold her hand.

Didn’t have the words for
shouldn’t tell your friends this
to say
it’s not my job to correct the blunders of every family member
to respond to
was he a nice boy?
when I went on a date with a girl.

So now April has crept up, and
the sun warm on my skin almost makes me miss winter, makes me miss
not having to justify my existence
to chirping birds, woodpeckers hammering my house.

Today I know the words
Apr 29

Bora Bora

    “A vacation? To anywhere? With anyone?” I side eyed the man standing at my doorstep. I lifted my hand to cover my eyes from the blistering sun. “Yeah right, do I get a million dollars too?” I studied the man's face as he sighed in disappointment. I could see that he had a pamphlet in hand and I tried to look closely at the title. I was quick to grab my glasses out of my pocket, watching the man as I did so. He saw I was trying to read the pamphlet and handed it to me. I read the title and nodded slowly. “A clothing brand?”

    Yes it's dedicated towards trendy vacation clothing. We want to raise popularity with the more fortunate kids. We saw you went to Mexico and thought it would be a great way to spread the word since you have already proven to be a traveler.”

    “Umm you realize I am fifteen right?” I looked at he pamphlet and knew it was a scam, even though I really wanted it not to be.