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A tiny moment, story

This tree
Has been here
For 150 years
And it hasn't
It all
This is a direct transmission to the people of Earth
You are corrupted and driven by greed, and killing the only planet you have
This is your last chance
For gods sake, do something right for a change
i could debate about if the universe was a simulation for hours, days even
It is marvelous
how a blank canvas
can turn into a spectacle
for all to see
One of these days,
I want to take you somewhere amazing
and hear the breath rush into your lungs
and your eyes fill with ecstasy
as the world paints you in its colors.
I'd like to say that I write for myself
To express myself
But the truth is I write for others
to see their faces light up
It's what I live for.
the thing i love most about playing in orchestra is feeling my strings vibrate as other instruments play.
why does nobody
care about my voice
unless i'm complaining
about something.
Words, a word itself, express so much in life
Today I did nothing but listen to Beck all day
I have no regrets
My youth is slipping away, and it's hard not to waste it.
I live in a glass box
Able to see the world outside
But unable to live in it
And I mustn't shout
For my voice may shatter the walls
And I Shall be cut to pieces
And I mustn't cry
For my tears may fill up the box
And I shall drown
This tiny write will put me over 800 community points so I want this to be a thank you to you all for being such amazing, free individuals.
Never forget who you are.
This week's challenge is about superpowers.
You may wish you could do something magical
But honestly?
Every one of you already has a superpower
The power to write.
Make up your mind Weather!!
I don't want to be negative, but...
I feel like tiny writes is taking traffic away from the rest of the site.
Just out of curiosity,
12/15/2018 - 1:24pm
I just feel like the activity on the rest of the site has gone down. It's a nice feature to be able to post a short little thing, but I have been told that a lot of people only check tiny writes
2 days ago
Hmmm... maybe we should try a tiny experiment -- a few days without Tiny Writes on the front page. Still accessible in the top bar, but not so prominent. Thanks for the input!
2 days ago
1 person.
1 person out of
7.7 billion.
Could I really make a difference?
Be the change you want to see in the world
2 days ago
Are we really drowning
or are we weighed down
by an airless world?
Are we really confined
or are we just afraid
of what is beyond?
What lies beyond the
human capacity of imaginative thought?