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A tiny moment, story

Fire in my veins
Ice in my eyes
And love in my heart.
whoever said she can't be confused?
whoever said she isn't worthy to feel?
the same people who told her
she isn't worth it.

and she believes them.
When I read a book, such as Percy Jackson or Harry Potter, I actually find myself living with Percy and Annabeth and Harry and Hermione and Ron for a month. Then I forget about the series for a month. Then I discover it again and I'm enraptured.

Books are my best friends.
When I look at a tablecloth or a blanket I think: I wonder whose hands slaved over these threads, or what factory, and what people in the factory, and who looked at it in a store, thinking about buying it. Or thinking about who would buy it, and who made it.
Happy birthday to me...
And to you!
We agreed
On a dessert.
Hates Love’s Love
None without the other
None hate,
Without Love,
For the opposite
Love of Light
Hate of Dark
Hate is Rage
Love is ecstasy
See what I'm sayin'?
Do you?
Do you love it
Do you Hate it?
I've always wondered what the amortentia potion would smell like to me. If I had to guess: brisket in the oven, rosemary bushes, and soil after it rains.
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What is amortentia potion?
19 hours ago
LadyMidnight: it's a love potion (from Harry Potter) that smells like your favorite things. And sophie.d: there's actually a word for how it smells after it rains; petrichor. I love that word :)
12 hours ago
To me the potion would probably smell like:
Curry, pine wood, and chai tee. :)

11 hours ago
I wish I knew! I find it hard to guess.
10 hours ago
Maybe: old library books, city hotels, and rivers.
10 hours ago
Icestorm: a beautiful word for an indescribable smell... thank you!
9 hours ago
I feel a little alone
And silent
When people forget about me.

When they remember
I feel amazing and special.
Snow day tomorrow!
Something to look forward too.
When snow falls
I hope magic comes next.
Do you ever get that feeling where your hands don't belong to you
like your limbs are not meant for you
when you are itching to run and find the body that is yours

And then you are fine
like nothing ever happened
Everything is normal and you are fine
voy a ir
a la proxima parte
de mi vida en un año o dos

yo fui
un niña a vez
innocente, pequeña

estoy planeando
para universidad

quiero ser un
persona que mis padres
serian orgulloso de

pero yo pienso que
ellos son

mi nombre es rowan
y yo quiero ser
un profesora

no se como largo
yo voy a ser

yo tengo
Sound of piano drifts in from the living room.
My sister pounds keys softly and hard.
High notes drift up the scale.
Her music is floating.
Something strange: I don't know anyone with a bird for a pet. A friend of mine has turtles, but no birds. Huh.
This year we have a really cool class called Cyber Civics.
It teaches us how to use the internet in a safe, responsible way.
I think a lot of people could benefit from it.
A boy in my math class was stressed so I told him to build a snowman this weekend. He asked me, "how can you be 30 and 12 at the same time?"

Yesterday's snowman answers that question: I am forever 12 at heart.
Our hearts are made of ashes
Don’t blow to hard
Or you will fly away in the wind
Trains-I like trains. I like their rhythm. I like knowing where I am and where I am going.
Friend: My whole family is going vegan
Me: *thinking* I should go vegan...I mean it is a healthier way to live
Also Me: *outloud* Are you going vegan?
Friend: I don't know...
Me: I bet you can't
Friend: I bet you can't

Now we have both been vegan 3 days. I kinda love it! It's like a little accomplishment!
a disorder is when accomplishments aren't a success, but the expectation.