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A tiny moment, story

Do you ever hear a sentence spoken out of context and you literally cannot think of any situation where this sentence would make sense and then you spend the rest of the day trying to put the sentence into context?
I am incredibly good at freaking myself out.
I created flowers
But the credit went to someone else.
It always amazes me when I see someone doing something that seems to come easily to them. Nothing comes naturally to me. I have to work so hard at everything I do- nobody could ever accuse me of being a prodigy. Sometimes I feel a little bitter when I see people breezing through things that seem like second nature to them while I'm struggling to stay on top of things. But sometimes it makes me think that maybe I feel a little more proud of what I've done.
One more month
Waiting to here if I was good enough
If I made the right decision at the crossroad
If I didn't waiste my time.
Get used to people making fun of you. Have it roll off your back.
When ever I walk into a Basketball gym
And smell that familiar smell
I get excited to step on the court and play the game.
I am lost in this world, now.
Taking in its beauty.
I probably spend two to three hours here-only in a day.
Not only writing. But reading,exploring and fussing over beautiful work.
Let me walk through this place, with no guiding hand.
Just me and the screen.
And the big world ahead.
I know this is a place I look forward to.
I will overflow my cup.
Sail through rough winds.
Let me write.
No need for anything else. Nothing is stopping me.
Let me write.
And explore the big world ahead.
I feel like im drowning
my air supplies thinning
my head starts spinning
but im not afraid
could this be the end
does it matter if it is
will anybody even notice
dying isnt what scares me
who it affects does
will they be happy
because i was crapp
or will they be sad
because i was rad
will i go to heaven
and be forgiven
or will i go to hell
for being unholy;
I know im a sinner
but im also no winner
God made no one perfect
But at least im a workin product
Perfect is an illusion
An insult actually.
Because few people use the word perfect when describing a person
And meaning well.
I have found that
The most perfect of people
Spend their nights sleepless
Gazing out of sixth floor windows
At a star-less sky.
The most perfect of people
Have the darkest of fears
And flames rushing inside them
Their dreams away
Nothing really matters
So try everything!
i'm 16 years old and the world is ending
I watch as characters disappear
Slowly the numbers get smaller and smaller
As I write.
They will continue as my life continues-
Writing for the rest of it.
Am I changing?
Or is it you?
Because now that I open my eyes
This path doesn't look as great anymore.
A million people
one girl
Big problems
that she cannot fix.
I can’t move
I know I’m alive
but its like I’m paralyzed
My hearts still beating
my eyes are fluttering
But everything’s numb
I feel so dumb
people coming and going
not even noticing
I try to speak
bu no sounds leak
i still have hope
someone will grab the rope
I can hear my breaths
and the sound of footsteps
as they get closer
they get even slower
A part of me feels relieved
by the other part senses danger
i wish it was all just a dream
then maybe i could scream
Friend will be friends
Family will be family
Family can be friends
And friends can be family
If you take the petals off of a rose
It will still be a rose.
Sometimes I feel like that one penny lost under peoples feet.