Nov 09

Depth Of Water

Ever scene she was a little girl Assane knew something was wrong. Everyone was named after what their parents wished for them. Their name would be what brought them good fortune. Peoples name meanings had an effect of controlling them. Her mom was named Aiko meaning ‘Beloved One’ and Aiko always brought love and affection to everyone she knew. Her older brother was named Asim meaning ‘Guardian’ or even ‘Protector’. Her mom named him this because she needed someone to look out for her future babies, even if she knew it would be an annoyance for them. Assane’s older sister was named Azar meaning ‘Fire’. Little did mom know that giving Azar a name that ment fire would get to her head. Azar likes to do tricks with fire and it has made her popular which has made her hot headed. Assane was the youngest and her name meant ‘Water’.

    Assane knew she was different. She didn't follow the rules. She was named after water, but she was afraid of it. Assane would try to overcome it to make her parents proud, but it was no use. Everytime Assane would even take a glimpse at the cool dark waves she would lock up, her whole body would tense with fear leaving her unable to move. She would tremble and soon collapse, blacking out until someone saved her. Assane knew in her heart she was never going to overcome it but she was not loosing to the long awaited battle. Day after day Assane would go to that dark, ridged same old pond. Both Asim and Azar begged and pleaded for her not to go but she knew if she accomplished the impossible she could live with herself.

    When Assane left for the pond, she bound across the long field leading up to it. Asanne would pick a singular flower. Everytime she picked a flower it would tell her how many days she tried, and failed. She knew one day if she picked the right flower she would be able to do it. She held a small blue flower in her hand and with each step she took towards the pond she started to grasp the flower harder. Assane took one step, a second step, a third step, a fourth step, a fifth step. A fifth step. She was at the water's edge. She started to hyperventilate. She lost consciousness and fell in. She jolted awake but was too weak to do anything. She watched her hair curl around her. It surrounded her like a useless barricade. She kept sinking away into the dark abyss.

    “Save me.”