Nov 09
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The Competition

I’m an ice skater. I’ve always been an ice skater. Ever since my father bought me a pair of ice skates and brought me to the rink I’ve been in love with skating.  I decided to learn how to figure skate once I got out of high school. Now I’m finally going to compete with other figure skaters. The first day of College was pretty cool. I had to search for a place that offers figure skating and the one I found was far away from my home. I would miss my family but I really wanted to learn how to figure skate and become a professional. So I packed my stuff and headed to my College. The first day everybody was kind and nice but once I started showing my talent in ice skating there were a few people who got jealous. I hope I can make it up to them.

Apparently the teachers thought I had very good talent too because they decided to make it harder on me. While mostly everybody else in the class was learning the basics, a select few and I were doing harder tricks. I found it exciting and fun. I was learning so much about skating. The other skaters that were learning with me became my friends. There were three of them. We spent our time together and I even shared a dorm with one. That was also fun. I could say I had and are still having a great time in College. I’m also taking more classes then just figure skating but that’s not important right now.

So there are tests we have to do in the middle and the end of each year. You have to do the hardest stunt you learned and have to do it perfectly. Or as perfect as perfect can get in this world. It’s pretty hard and most people don’t get a one-hundred on it. The first time I did it I got an eighty something on it. The other two times I got an one-hundred.

I didn’t know it then, but I know it now, that the two times I got an one-hundred out of it would end up changing my life forever. I was picked to compete in a competition between four other colleges that taught figure skating. I was so excited, but when the competition grew close I started doubting my skill.

I was so nervous that four times a week I would sneak to the rink and practice my routine. The day finally came and it felt like I was going to throw up. Despite that I gracefully walked to the car and got in. I slept on the car ride to the competition. I could actually sleep. I guess that knowing it was today and that it will be over in a few hours helped me calm down.

Once we got there I was escorted into the changing room to get ready and practice. I saw that the other four people who got chosen were already there. I thought to myself that they looked super professional and I probably looked like a terrified,little girl. I got ready and decided to practice my routine. I got to the room and gasped. It was huge. The rink was huge also. I was shivering but I knew I wouldn’t be for long.

The first figure skater was called to the rink. Few, it wasn’t me. Sadly it was over too fast. The next one was called up, then the other. Once it got to the fourth person I was super anxious and sweaty. Like all the others, it ended too quickly. My name was called. I stood up and crawled onto the rink. For a moment I stood there, frozen. I found my family and friends in the crowd, the music played, and I started my routine. Ugh, I already messed up. I went through my routine and did it perfectly till the end. I almost tripped over but when I watched the video later it looked like it was part of my routine. I finished and the crowd cheered. I couldn’t really hear them over my heart pumping.

“All skaters to the rink” the announcer said. We all stood in a straight line, waiting to hear who the winner is. All of us were scared to find out.

“And the winner is…..”