Jan 19

That Day

Everything about it is a blur. Sound and smells did not exist. Just a flash. A second when I see it. The happy scene as I call it. A long time ago. Back before we had to leave. Before a lot of things...

We were in a pool this girl and I. We did not know how to swim so those little arm floaties were there, to keep us well above the water. Safe. We are all smiles and chubby cheeks. This girl and I must have been friends. Or it was just childhood magic. Everyone is accepted. No matter what. Well what every it was now it only seems like a dream. Like a fragment of another person's life that I was squashed into. Now it's different you always feel the need to be accepted. And you have to fight for that acceptance. You have to be a person you are not.

This day is another world. A better world, for sure. But not what is now reality.
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