Jan 27
fiction 0 comments challenge: 70°

Fahrenheit, or France

I had just sat down in my seat for literature when I saw her.  70 walked through the door, her long curly hair bouncing slightly as she walked.  Everyone called her 70, for 70 degrees because the perfect, pretty weather matches her.  My pulse quickened a bit as she traveled through the rows of desks. Many eyes stayed attached to her as she passed by.  Her sunny smile gleamed. I was shocked when she plopped her things down on the desk next to me. She smiled and said, “Hi!” in a cheerful tone.  “Er, h-hello,” I mumbled back. “What’s your name?” she asked kindly. “I know you’re in seventh grade, but I don’t know your name.” “James,” I answered.  “James.” She seemed to be tasting my name on her tongue like a new food. She smiled again. “I’m Fahrenheit,” she told me joyfully. “Please, though, call me Francesca.  On second thought, France! It’s the place I want to travel to most.” Her beautiful, unusual dark brown eyes had blue and gray flecks in them, like the sky. They sparkled like crazy.  “Okay, Frances- I mean, France.” I grinned, and she beamed. “Mr. West! Miss Sunnehart!” The teacher, Mrs. Wayles, frowned. She pointed at the assignment written on the board with her marker.  “Oops, sorry, Mrs. Wayles!” France giggled. “We’ll get started now!” Mrs. Wayles smiled, although she tried to smother it. I knew France was too lovely for anyone to be angry at. Towards the end of the class, I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder.  France whispered, “Would you like to sit with me and my friends at lunch today? We’d appreciate if you’d join us.” She was so articulate, unlike me. I hesitated for a moment, then, realizing how stupid I was acting, I said, “Um, sure, thank you,” a bit too loudly.  The bell rang, and France gathered up her things. “I look forward to seeing you, James,” she told me a bit teasingly, but not in a mean way. Then, with one last smile towards Mrs. Wayles, she walked out of the room gracefully. Mrs. Wayles chuckled at me and said, “You’re quite fortunate, Mr. West.”