Mar 25
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Today Is The Day

Today Is The Day
“Today is the day,” I said as I push my glasses up. I gazed at the mirror looking at my messy hair.

   “Today is the day, I dye my hair.”

I head to the kitchen and pour myself a bowl of corn flakes and plop down on the couch. I reach for the remote sitting on the coffee table. Then with a click of a button, the TV came on. “Hollywood’s Next Top Model!” I squeal with excitement. My eyes glued to the screen. Once they start assigning their themes, I instantly remembered what I needed to do. I set my bowl on the coffee table and proceed to the bathroom. When I swing open the bathroom door I notice the mirror is dirty so I gather bleach and paper towels. As I am spraying the mirror with bleach it splatters everywhere! Luckily not my precious hair. I mix the lavender color hair dye right before I apply it evenly with soft strokes, it was like painting a clean canvas. While my hair was getting dyed I sat on the couch and waited, so I decided to watch the rest of “Hollywood’s Next Top Model”. After half an hour I was so excited to see my fresh new look! I would finally fit in with the cool kids, so I thought. I rinsed my hair thoroughly but the final product was not lavender, but white! My hair was bleached!

“Oh no, This can’t be! Today was supposed to be the day!’

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