Nov 09
fiction 3 comments challenge: Club

This guy asked me to join his club

"Mate, this guy just asked me yesterday if I wanted to join his club."

"Woah, what'd ya say?"

"Well obviously I asked him what it was about, you know?"

"Don't tell me it was some kinda cult or somethin' freaky like that."

"Geez no, he said it was a book club."

"Oh yeah? Sounds chill."

"And then I asked him if you could come, cause I thought you would love to go."

"Aww that's sweet."

"But then this jerk is like "No way your friend's got issues" 





"Haha oml, thanks for that"

"No problem mate, anyone that's got beef with you has got beef with me"
Oct 19

The Jump

The Jump
My feet crunched the snow as my thick boots led me toward the hill. It was mid-winter, a warmer day than most, and the tramping was making my forehead sweat. My friend Clementine was ahead of me, my short legs and puffy snowsuit weighing me down-and slowing me down. Finally, I reached the top of the hill. I sat down, not caring if my butt got wet or not. Mindlessly, my mittens picked up a ball of snow and packed it evenly. This was the best packing snow of the winter. It was the perfect mixture of wet and fluffy, a combination rare at least to Vermont. Judson, another friend, was thinking the same thing.
Dec 05

Ten Days of Winter, 1892

Editor's note: In the 11+ years of this site, I have shared only a couple of things on the belief that this is your site, not mine. But I am sharking this because, well, becaue I thought you might like to read/listen to it and, also, to see that some stories take a long time to develop. I'd love some feedback -- this is your chance! :) 

I wrote this piece of fiction for Winter Tales 2017 and it was presented by Vermont Stage in its shows Dec. 6-10, 2017 at FlynnSpace. (It also was going to be presented at a similar winter story show in East Montpelier on Dec. 16.)

Audio download:
Feb 13

The House

NOTE: This is part of the Sprout1 Challenge. This piece was written by an anonymous writer during Vermont Writes Day, and we loved how it started us thinking. How about you? If you would like to extend this story, please click the SPROUT button below and continue it. If you find lots of sprouts, and we hope you will over time, and you like where someone else has taken this, sprout that post. Have fun. And we thank whoever posted this on on Friday, Feb. 10, 2017. (We have made a few edits, by the way.)
Feb 13

The Pendant

NOTE: This is part of the Sprout1 Challenge. This piece was written by an anonymous writer during Vermont Writes Day, and we loved how it started us thinking. How about you? If you would like to extend this story, please click the SPROUT button below and continue it. If you find lots of sprouts, and we hope you will over time, and you like where someone else has taken this, sprout that post. Have fun. And we thank whoever posted this on on Friday, Feb. 10, 2017. (We have made a few edits, by the way.)

The old iron bell jangles as I step into the familiar shop. I wave to the owner, a kindly old gentleman, who smiles at me as he always does and says hello. He seems to appreciate my visits, even though I don't often buy anything. 

I make my way through a maze of old bookshelves and chairs, paintings, vases and other miscellaneous objects. I know almost all of it by memory and can tell whenever the store has sold something. 
Jan 20

Winter Dandelions

The yellow petals shine against the snow
Like the sun against the night sky.
The little flowers scatter the white field
Out of place they grow.
Sweet memories they bring
Of summertime warmth and beauty,
But the cold will not let you travel far,
Winter time is still here.
With dandelions in the ice,
Growing despite the dead of winter.
Jan 18

I love you (I hope)

I thought I would love you forever
And I hung on to that fragile idea like a rope that could save me.
Even though I shivered uncontrollably at night
I still said I love you through a smile of stone.
I wished I was in love with you
And tried to tell myself that you were perfect.
I lied to me so that I could feel good.
But I felt even better when I told myself the truth.
I fell in love with the idea of you
But I could never love you
And I stopped trying.
Jan 18
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The Mysterious Claudia Fisher

My mom always told me not to snoop. 
But it's not my fault.
She just left it lying around like she wanted someone to read it.
The she I'm talking about is Claudia Fisher.
She is always writing in a journal. And I found it.
Claudia has always kept to herself. But now that I read it, I can see why.
No way I am ever going near that girl again. 
I am not mean, but she is scary. Everyone always wants to know her secrets. She is very quiet, and she hides behind her long, dark hair, always hugging the journal that right now feels like is a thousand pounds in my backpack, so she's easy to spread rumors about. 
They say she's a witch, or some kind of vampire. But they are off by a million miles. 
Jan 18
fiction 0 comments challenge: 70°
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70 degrees

The perfect weather

70 degrees fahrenheit

Long golden hair

Beautiful blue eyes

The prettiest smile

The perfect weather

70 degrees fahrenheit

Always smiling

Always laughing

Always making others smile

The perfect weather

70 degrees fahrenheit

Splashing in the water

Hanging out with friends

Its summer and the weather is perfect

So play with your friends

And enjoy the perfect weather
Jan 17
fiction 0 comments challenge: 70°
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70° degrees in the dome

70 Degrees in the dark

It was a balmy 70 degrees. I was taking a walk down my street when it turned nighttime! It was bright and sunny and then, Bam! I felt hands on me, I was being dragged somewhere! They released me. It was now dark and quiet. I felt my way around, and I hit a wall. I felt along the wall and got smacked by a tree!

“I’m really hungry!” I shouted. Even if I am hungry, I won’t get far in this light. I thought. I decided to wait until morning to see where I was. I fell asleep hours later.

Once I woke up, there was a bright light that shone down on me. It was a big light that I think was supposed to be a sun. Now I saw that I was in a huge dome! On one side was a house, and on the other were woods.
Jan 17

Just Another Heartbeat

Dark splotches begin to creep in at the edges of my vision. I need water. I need air. I need to escape the stench, the footsteps, the heartbeats that keep slowing to a stop. I need to stop scratching. The sting, the whispers, the blur. The spots grow darker, I hold my breath. My arms are wrapped around my knees. I rock back and forth inside a closet. I’m not hiding. I’m waiting. Little songs quietly escape from my mouth; skating across my lips and off into the air. My eyes are closed now, and I wish that everything really was swallowed up by the darkness. I would scream, but that wastes energy. I would cry, but there’s not enough soul left to shed tears. Did you know that when you cry, little bits of soul come falling from your eyes? I know that now, but I won’t know it for long. Because soon everything that I know will be swallowed up and all the little songs will wither and fall.

Someone is at the door
Jan 15
fiction 0 comments challenge: 70°
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My Experience With 70 Degrees (revised)

60⁰ and I were sitting in my room playing Rocket League. He was destroying me. ¨I have to go to the the bathroom, but even when I'm in there ,you'll keep losing.¨ hut up Idiot!¨ I exclaimed. ¨ should respect the weather.¨ He said, yellin from the bathroom. Just then 70⁰,my other ACQUAINTANCE, climbed through the window and shut it.¨AHHH!¨ I screamed, ¨Get off!¨ 70° was sitting on me, slowly exterminating every last bit of my friend, 60°. “You know, you really should respect the weather,” He said “ Or else I will make you.” 70° then stood up, hopped of my couch, and broke through my window. Just then 60° came through the bathroom door. “That smells!” I exclaimed. “If it smells, clean it.” Said 60⁰. “The windows broken, clean it.” “70° is splattered on the ground, cl- -aiaiaiaiaiai!”

Jan 15
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His Journal

By Crystal Parshley

It's sophomore year of college. Jim and Catherine have been dating for about a year and a half. Catherine has three best friend’s Christy, Sera, and Chloe.
Catherine- I'll see you girls tomorrow. I'll text you all how it goes with Jim tonight.

Christy- OK, you better! Bye.

Sera- Yeah! Bye.

Chloe- Good! Bye.

Catherine texts Jim saying, “She can't wait for tonight.”

Jim replies, “Me either.”

Catherine- I'll get to his dorm before he does so I can surprise him.

Catherine gets there around 5:00. Jim won't get there until at least 5:45. She has plenty of time to kill. She has his extra set of keys that he gave her and walks right in and lies down on the bed.
Jan 15
fiction 0 comments challenge: Pal


I am a 12-year-old girl that is named Adeline. My mom says that I am different from the others just because. I am short, shy, I just started real school I guess. I have been homeschooled. I only have one friend. His name is Groden. He looks like a puff ball with wings and horns. He always wears glasses, and he changes colors depending on his mood. I play with him every day. He is my imaginary friend. One day,
    “ ...I don’t understand why you can’t…” I started.
    “Who are you talking too? Oh, and my name is Alex.”
    “No one go away,” I say quickly.
    “ it is fine it was an imaginary friend, am I right?”
    “Ya, and don't tell anybody, please.” I reluctantly pleaded.
    “Well, What is your name?”
    “Adeline… But everyone...I knew called me Addie.” The bell rang and I ran for my bike. 
    “Where is your house?” Alex asked me enthusiastically This was new but,
Jan 13

550 Words (I MAY have gone over...)

The wind plays with your hair and makes you want to swirl and fly along with it.
It’s the time when there’s a certain off-silence in the air, and a steady hum is in your ear,
composed of that unique orchestra of nature.
As the sun sets, the most true, vibrant colors paint the sky
and leak their light across the blanket of green spread below you.
As time wears, the colors fade and the vast space above is dimming to a dark blue,
that beauty almost making you forget what you had come for, what you’ve waited for.
The wind is biting a little bit stronger at your face and bare feet now.
Finally, a burst of tiny flecks illuminate the darkness.
You breathe in deeply, and raise your head to find the answers you’ve been waiting for,
written in the stars.
Jan 11
fiction 0 comments challenge: Kites
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Sky Jousting

Sky Jousting

I would not want to be a sky jouster because I would be afraid to fall.  I would give the winner a new kite and $100. The consequence for the loser would be they have to jump in a pool of mud and chunky pudding.  The kites would be awesome because they would be electric so you could tell how high you are and where your opponent is. There would be a commentators on a crane.  The contestants can wear anything they want. There are no boundaries they can fly anywhere. There is also a camera on the kite. You would use a spear to fight. That is how my Sky Jousting goes.
Jan 11
fiction 0 comments challenge: Kites
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The most awesomest game of all is Flyball.  So the rules are:  You play baseball in the air, and that is the only rule.  If you slug it over the fence the ball will crash straight down.  Then you have to get the ball on the ground, so you can keep playing Flyball. The winner gets $900,000,000,000,000,000.  The loser gets a quarter of one cent.

Jan 11
fiction 0 comments challenge: Kites
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Sky Jousting

In Sky Jousting, you will have a red or blue magic flying carpet, a parachute and long red or blue pencil.  There are two teams: a red and a blue. You will try to knock the other team off their carpet by hitting them with the the pencil.  The consequence for losing is that you will jump in a erupting volcano. The winner will be famous and get ten thousand dollars, a blue ribbon and a trophy.  

Jan 11
fiction 0 comments challenge: Kites
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Sky Jousting

Sky Jousting:  you would think it would be people jousting on kites in the sky, but it’s really just people flying kites and crashing them into each other very hard until one smashes to the ground.  Then the loser would pay the winner $1,000 and they would shake hands and say “Good game.” and the winner would say “You did a good job.”  And they would go on with their day.

Jan 11
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Birthday Party

My earliest memory is stored in the back of my brain, shrouded in a mist.

My earliest memory is foggy, I can only see a blurry vision when I think of it.

My earliest memory is from a long time ago, on what seems like my cousin’s birthday.

I can see lit birthday candles, with flickering flames waiting to be blown out.

There are balloons too, lots of different colors of them, floating in the air.

I can barely remember a slice of cake on a paper plate, with a layer of sweet frosting on top.

I don’t see much when I think of it, everything is cloudy, but I do clearly remember one thing.

My earliest memory is surrounded by a sense of complete happiness.