Dec 17

Candle Light

Dec 17

New York

Dec 17


Dec 15

Cat Comic1

The tiny kitty was found by the sympathetic cat lover that rescued him. Everything went seemingly purrfect until she decided to go shopping for treats for her new sweet pet-and was overwhelmed by the amount of food and supplements available. However, the tiny cat proved to have a great appetite and the growth and healthy weight gain of the previously malnourished animal was improving just "as advertised". However, things soon went a little too far.... 

Note: For some reason the picture was cropped up at the top. I am not sure why- is the size of the file too large? Or is it just because I was uploading in a mobile device and the screen is skewed up?
Dec 15


A fiery burst
Above the lake and mountains
The sun's dying light.
Dec 13
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The New Nature Center

Dec 13


Dec 11

a few skies

When I uploaded from my phone, they appeared right-side-up, but sadly are sideways on other screens.
Dec 10


I am LadyMidnight.
Dec 09


Winter is coming
Dec 07


Dec 07
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Dec 04
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Islands in the sun.
Dec 03

A Rose

Dec 01
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Quote chain

Each year, I make a chain of quotes to hang in my room for inspiration. Here are excerpts from this year! I found inspiration and quotes from all over the place.
Nov 28

Snow Day Wednesday

Nov 24

Swallowed by the Trees

Nov 23

November 23rd