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Welcome to Chaos.

Welcome to Chaos.


OMG, where's chat? 

In the new CHAOS SPACE along with 500-character Story Widget and ShoutBox. 

And in each of the Workshops. 

To get to Chaos hover over the WORKSHOPS drop-down menu. Have fun. Chat. Create 6-word stories. Or 500-character pieces. Let us know what you think. -- gg


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#YWPSoS. Summer of Stories!

#YWPSoS. Summer of Stories!

YWP's Summer of Stories Challenge: This summer, write for 10 minutes as many days as you can. Just 10 little minutes. We have a bunch of writing ideas for you, click here, or follow your own imagination. Just write something. Storylike. Ten little minutes. Use the S2014 tag. 

Our daily exercises (idea starters) cover major elements of good storytelling. They'll help you practice, improve, gain confidence and discover new ideas. Promise. But there's more: PRIZES (Fortune), PUBLICATION (Fame), FEEDBACK (Friendship). What could be better? And start anytime. Really. 

updated 7.22 TODAY'S PROMPT: #27 POV: Go to http://youngwritersproject.org/node/94707 and get zany. The prompt is designed for maximum wackiness and will get you to test out your third person narration skills. If sticking close to your protagonist isn't working, try omniscience! As always, remember to tag the post S2014

Full list of YWPSoS prompts: http://youngwritersproject.org/node/94457 Read more »

LAST MINUTE CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Digital Storytelling Summer Institute wants you to tell YOUR story!

Last minute changes over the weekend means that YWP is now accepting more participants for the Digital Storytelling Summer Institute! It starts TODAY, MONDAY, JULY 21ST at 1:00 P.M, but we'll be taking sign ups throughout the week. 

Check out some digital stories here. Read more »


The Nighthawks of Phillies

The Nighthawks of Phillies

     A shadow falls across the doorway; I glance toward it, turning slightly against Abel's arm pressed into my back, and watch the stranger enter.  He's just the sort of character Abel and I saw in the moving picture thirty minutes ago:  tall, dark, lean, and wholly enigmatic, from the charcoal fedora tipped forward, casting smoky light over his pallid face, down his dark, rumpled suit to his dusty black wingtips. Read more »

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Performance Review

He sits alone eating lunch.

Well, not eating, more of occasionally taking bites of a sandwich.

And not alone, either, more of, alone with himselves.

That is when He decides it is time for a performance review.


How have you helped others recently?

His voice shows no sign of empathy, he already knows the answer.


A shy, quiet voice responds "Well... I try my best to-"

Trying implies failure. Has anyone gained more of a reason to want to live because of you?

"I mean, I try my best to be nice, but" Read more »

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Editor's Note: this piece is being featured on VPR.net! Check it out


Everything in my brain

Connects to you

Everything I say

Reminds me of you

Everything I write

Is about you

Everything I do

Is for you


At first

You were a small part of me

But now

Now, your words have replaced mine Read more »

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Cinnamon Rolls on Broadway

I fell in love with a man on the subway today.
He was sitting on the 1 train from South Ferry to 242nd street.
(116th, 110th, 103rd, 96th, 86th, 79th, 72nd, 66th, 59th, 50th, 42nd, 34th, 29th, 23rd, 14th)
He was leaning on the hard plastic seat and his long fingers danced on his knee. And he pushed up his round plastic glasses on his long nose and didn't look at me once.

I wished on a concrete sidewalk today. Read more »

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You Love Me Despite All This

I’m…                                                   &nbs Read more »

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My Ears Are Okay

Yay I got the podcast done.


My beard is disgusting, and it tickles my neck

My teeth are quite crooked, and my clothes are a wreck

My knuckles are too big, and so is my nose

My skin is all zitty, and I have several moles


But my ears are okay

My ears are okay

My ears are okay


My knees are all knobby, and my ten toes are bent Read more »

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I Couldn't Care Less

I don't care what your opinions are, not


I simply couldn't care less.


I don't care

if you think women

are beneath you

and should stay at home

and feed the kids

and cook your dinner.


I don't care

if you think that 

loving someone of the same gender

is a sin,

that it is an abomination.


I don't care

if you think that

abortion is horrible

and that it shouldn't be 



I don't care. Read more »

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Sweet Solitude

This piece is being featured as Cowbird's Daily Story!! 7/10/14

I never understood the sad eyes of the shy ones who clung to their mothers knees
But now innocence is dead
And I'm a walking shell
I like it.

The feeling of black silk slipping between my fingers
As I run my hands down racks of expensive dresses

Or the cracked pavement under my bare feet
As I walk home in the snow
Because no one is standing next to me telling me I shouldn't

I like to touch things.

And the shadows in my brain sink back for a few moments
When I don't have to be intelligent for them
Or organized for her

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