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In our never-ending effort to get you to write far more and far better than you ever imagined, YWP is excited to announce its first ever Storyboard Challenge. The challenge is simple: Create as many 500-character or less stories and/or 500-character extensions to others' stories and/or comments upon others' 500-character stories on the Storyboard page and get as many NEW people to join this site and participate.

DETAILS? Go to Storyboard (click link or click menu tab above), create a 500-character story and/or extend the stories of others by clicking comment under their entry AND see how many other people you know to join this site and participate in Storyboard.

REWARD? A spanking-new copy of The Chronicles of Harris Burdock -- 14 famous authors' stories stimulated by Chris Van Allsburg drawings. AND a Nutty Steph or Lake Champlain Chocolate bar of your choice.

CRITERIA? The elusive and secret youth/mentor/YWP staff judges will look at 1) Quantity of entries (we love volume sometimes!); 2) Quality of entries (aw shucks!); 3) Quantity and Quality of extensions (click comment) to others' stories or comments (click comment) to others' stories on the Storyboard page; AND FINALLY 4) The Number of New People you beg, bribe, convince to sign up and participate on this site. (New entry in account creation form: "Referred to this site by ..." tell them to use your username.)

TIMEFRAME? Two weeks+ from now, to wit: 2:22 p.m. MONDAY, Feb. 2.



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What Do You Think about YWP? Let us know!

so when in doubt ask we re here to help please download our bba help ...Got something to tell us?

We are always striving to create a more vibrant, inclusive, engaging community of writers. We always want to be better. We want to help more young writers, and we want to be the best we can be for those of you who have already connected with us.

It would be a great help to us if you could provide some feedback about the site, and about YWP.

Just click the title, and answer some simple questions. Thank you!

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Champlain College Young Writers Conference -- HS students APPLY!

Hi folks,

For as long as either of our organizations have been in existence, YWP has supported and encouraged high school students to attend the Champlain College Young Writers Conference held on Memorial Day weekend (usually) at Champlain College in Burlington. Led by Jim Ellefson, CC's poet-in-residence, the three-day overnight conference (May 29-31) is inspiring, fun, challenging, collegial. You will make friends, improve your writing, take creative risks. There is a cost -- $10 for the application and $365 for the weekend -- but we nonetheless endorse this program. And I'm sure that those of you have attended, will leave some comments below.

THE DEADLINE TO APPLY approaches quickly: Feb. 17. Here's the link: http://www.champlain.edu/write

For more info: Lesley Wright  |  Co-Director  |  (802) 865-8456  | ccyw@champlain.edu

Click Read More, to read the detailed invite from Jim Ellefson.

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The Voice! January Issue published.

The January issue of The Voice is out! Read and enjoy! Meet the Writer of the Month -- Zo-Chan -- & the Featured Commenter -- PaigeT!

"I can't stress enough the importance of communicating with the other writers." -Zo-chan (Check the interview on page 21.)

If you are in the mag, CONGRATS. If not, keep on writing for the next issue! Coming in February!

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YWP Summer Fellowship

Young Writers Project wants YOU to work with our creative team this summer!

Join us for an 8-week YWP Fellowship at our Burlington headquarters and help us:
  . Test the redesign of youngwritersproject.org
  . Brainstorm the best prompts list YWP has ever seen
  . Work on the team preparing Anthology 7
  . Interview writers, young and older, for YWP videos
  . Introduce new features for The Voice
  . Mentor other writers
  . Pitch in with fun office tasks like data entry 

Deadline for applications: Friday, Jan. 30

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on dogs and steak

a man once said to me

"wearing those shorts

is like putting steak in front of a dog

and telling the dog

that he can't have it."


he was trying to ignore the problem that he


but, in fact,

he only illustrated it.


because, actually, the metaphor is quite


we think of men like untrained dogs.


I woke up. I had no idea where I was. I could have sworn I went to sleep in my own bed. Last Night I had some odd dreams about slavery and Harriet Tubman, but we were learning about her yesterday in history. It felt like I had slept on concrete. When I looked down, I discovered how close that had been to being true. I had been sleeping on frozen ground. I discovered something else from looking down, though.

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Ambitions of the Youth

designer heels sink into concrete quicksand

blinking tops of skyscrapers become our lighthouse

the waves of dreams and love almost drown us

but the men with gelled hair and epensive suits

                                         hiding bottles of antidepressants and other younger



                                                                                                                                                                   behind their backs

have made us perfect boats

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Silhouette (In Honor of Michael Brown and Eric Garner)

The shadow moved with the setting sun.

And a pale hand held a gun.

Soft colors were in the sky as the light knelt down.

Seeing him walking around and around.

Cloaked are the stars as they start to cut through.

Two arms in the air as the pistol blew.

The moon moves forward and the sun is lost.

The death of a boy comes at a great cost.

A darkness whispers in between the shades of dusk.

A shadow has formed into a silhouette.

Gasping for air and reaching out,

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secondhand silence

i still feel your pain

pulsing inside me-

it has grown a life

of it's own, it wraps

itself around my

bones and controls

my every move.


i was safe with you.


i was the innocence you

saw and craved and

devoured.  your fingertips

left frostbite on my 

skin and with every 

touch you became more

empowered and soon i






 and everything went numb, and

everything went cold

Ode to a Node

I was loath to have this growth removed

As it showed such style

But with both a scalpel and an oath unmoved,

They convinced me of its guile


Anathema to grace it was

Now it lies there, cut away

But pretty is as pretty does

Though it feels so bleak and gray

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She didn't want to think about

nothing. Filled her room with $5

roadside furniture, her desk with cutouts

of old maps, her mouth

with nutritional nothings. Sat outside

on the front stoop, hollering

to pedestrians. Fed the stray dogs

and cats. Made sure

her house was filled with people, made sure

her ears were filled

with people, her eyes with people, her

scrapbooks with people.

She liked people.


She wrote a novel once but it was all

dialogue - no setting or

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