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The Calvin Prize -- TODAY: LAST CHANCE TO WIN $1,500!

The Calvin Prize -- TODAY: LAST CHANCE TO WIN $1,500!
The deadline has come for  The 2014 Calvin Prize, sponsored by the Calvin Coolidge Foundation, with a cash prize to the winning essay related to the life of Calvin Coolidge and his decision to leave Vermont and pursue a career elsewhere. The winner will receive $1,500 -- and a trip to NYC to be honored. If it's Monday, you can still try to submit at this link: coolidgefoundation.org/news/vermont-youth-apply-for-the-2014-calvin-prize/
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THE VOICE is Here!

Check out YWP's FIRST EVER Digital Magazine, The Voice! This monthly magazine features the best writing, photography, sound, and videos from all over the YWP World. Check it out below!

Here's the link to share with your friends: bit.ly/1CaT9WB

The longer version: thevoice.youngwritersproject.org

Enjoy! And tell us what you think! (In comment below or email us.)

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when the west sun shines

on the capital dome,

i squint on my walk home.

if i were blind

and made this walk

i think i would

describe it... turquoise.

i can see

the city spilled out

before me.

now with my eyes Read more »

Choose Me

I'm a daisy in a field of roses
I'm a jay in a flock of doves
I'm an asteroid in a sky of stars
I'm a like in a tangle of loves
I'm a moth in a swarm of
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Something I will never throw away

There are some things people just can’t throw away. Some people can’t
throw away baby blankets, baby toys, and clothes from when they were
younger. Something I can’t throw away is bad memories. Sometimes, I’d like
to throw away all the bad memories from my past. I can’t, though. They’re
part of my past. I can’t push them to the back of my mind. Part of me
wants to forget, but the other part of me doesn’t. They’ll probably be in
my mind forever. I can’t say that I don’t want them to be, because I do
and I don’t.

Some of them are of my mother, and I can’t make any more of them. Read more »

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the history is large

the history of my house

is large

the earth was formed

and on it a hill

a farm was built

and a child born

trees were cut

and cattle raised

graves dug

and papers signed

eventually the house was built

and added to

the barn

the sheds

the future plans

each object

in the house

has history

the bathroom sink

removed during renovations

on a hundred year old house

the oval clock

baught in colorado

moved cross country

in a truck

full of pets Read more »


The house on Sixty-Sixth Street

The last thing I remember was chasing my dog into the abandoned house on Sixty-Sixth Street. Well thats the part that people believe. The doctors tell me that I was hallucinating, that it wasn’t real. That not true though. They weren’t there. Read more »

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Part of the dressing

Prompt #2, Setting


          An ironic foghorn peeled through the dense mist that was setting on the darkened roof tops above. An icy chill bit at the back of my neck and I reached up to turn my collar up. Stopping I sidestepped to the curb to let two ladies, dressed in their finest, pass. I tipped my hat to them and gave a grin. The younger of the two blushed and batted her eyes. The older on the other hand let out a tiff and smoldered past in a huff. I glance back at the younger girl and she giggled, rolled her eyes, then tucked up her skirt and ran after what I assumed to be her sister. A pale blue paper floated towards the ground and I snatched it out of the air before it could land. In the faint light I brought it to my face and caught a whiff of rose petals.

          26 Baker Street. In tentative swoops the address seemed to flow across the note. I looked back over to the two girls walking away. The younger looked over her should at me and gave a little wave before they turned a corner and disappeared down a brightly lit street. Smiling I pocketed the note in my grey trousers and readjusted my dress coat. Read more »

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CDubClub Work 2

So, uhhhhh, so listen. I was taking a standardized test recently and noticed all the people around me. They were making all of these gestures and moving around, despite the chilling quiet of the classroom. So, this came to me.



I have fallen in love with the back of your head.



I have fallen in love with it and eyes are content with

Observing how each of your brown tuffs of hair takes the Read more »

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The Calvin Essay Submission

The Calvin
       Vermont is beautiful. From the stunning sunsets over the lake in the summertime to the glittering snow-covered mountains in the winter, Vermont’s landscape is unlike any other. It’s home to a billboard-free view and arguably the cleanest air in the East, scattered with quaint villages and independent farms. The charming capital of Montpelier impresses tourists with its gold-plated capital building and cozy, deliciously scented coffee shops.
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