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THE VOICE: October Issue is out! What do you think?

The October issue of The Voice, YWP's monthly digital magazine is getting boatloads of readers! You guys rock! Sound, images, words, songs! Check it out and pass along the link! SUBSCRIBE! It's FREE!

What do you think? The link to share: http://joom.ag/sBqb (or the longer version: thevoice.youngwritersproject.org) PLEASE SHARE THE LINK!

If you are in the mag, CONGRATS. If not, keep on writing! AND record yourself giving a dramatic reading of your work! Or add photos! Questions? Email us. COMMENT below. OR comment on page 38 of the October issue of The Voice!

S P R E A D  THE  W O R D, share the link!

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Are you coming? Celebration of Writing 2014! NOVEMBER 8

Celebration of Writing 2014 is upon us! SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8
at Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier
9:30-5 (or parts thereof)
Free workshops with: Geof Hewitt, Jo Knowles, Sarah Stewart Taylor, Barbara Ganley, GG, Reuben Jackson, Darcie Abbene, Leland Kinsey
Lunch & Book Signings at noon. (YWP will supply lunch, or BYO. Come with a bit of cash to support author friends by purchasing their books!)
Keynote: Novelist Thomas Christopher Greene, president of VCFA
Release of Anthology 6! With readings by selected young writers! 
Surprises! Door Prizes (only if you stay to the end)! Fun! Much gabbing! DO NOT MISS THIS!
All made possible by:
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FULL workshop descriptions/final schedule  click 'Read more'
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I could..... but I won't




I could sleep here, among the trees. Read more »



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Red Ribbon Week Writing Challenge!

We're partnering with Connecting Youth and Red Ribbon Week, a national effort to raise awareness about issues relating to drug abuse, to create a special writing challenge, called PEERS. Beginning Oct. 23, (deadline for final submissions, Nov. 17) youths can submit their writing here. YWP will select the best responses for cash awards and prizes! The selected pieces will also be highlighted on youngwritersproject.org, published throughout the state in 20+ media partners and considered for inclusion in YWP’s new digital magazine, The Voice

The prompt:

PEERS: Every day our friends encourage us to do things. How do you manage peer influence? Tell us a story about what you do to resist peers' efforts to get you to do something you don't want to do? And tell us about times when your peers have encouraged you to take a positive risk and you're glad you did?  How do you make sure you are following your own efforts to be true to yourself? Feel free to write it as a narrative or in essay form.


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Words that sing

Words That sing

For any Edmunds student that loves to write and is looking for something to do

"Words That Sing" is the place to go

It is at SSS next to Ms.Wolf's classroom

Mondays & Thursdays

It is hosted by Reuben Jackson who is a great writer & a cool guy to work with




In The Snow

When I step outside, the air is chilly and my breath looks like I’ve been smoking.  With no sun to warm me up, I trudge across the frost-covered lawn.  Every step sounds like crunching glass.  I can already tell this will be a long day. Read more »


Lighting Hope

In Winter, trees, the heat,

grass and the bird's song

all die and drift away into

Winter's pocket book. 


However, there is one 

day, out of Winter's 

entire spell that makes

it worth while.


On Christmas Eve, 

people from all walks

of life gather to St.Paul's 

United Methodist Church

and we light candles of hope.


The tiny flames flicker as 

they sway back and forth

while the congregation

sings, "Silent Night"

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My Winter Tale

I watched as a car drove by. It was going fast enough to shoot slush from under its tires, hitting just the tips of my boot covered feet. It was 3 o’clock pm and it was absolutely FREEZING. School got out at 2:40 and the buses still weren't here. I sat on the sidewalk with my sweater under me so I didn't get my jeans wet. Read more »

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The NaNoWriMo git down...

Planning on NaNoWriMo but haven't thought much about your story? Join the NaNoWriMo on YWP workshop and let's git talking about ideas.

Join the conversation on conflict right now... 

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My Guardian Angel

She's my guardian angel 

looking out for me

I owe her my life

shes always there for me


Looking out for me

I feel I'm not good enough

She's always there for me

I feel she deserves better


I feel I'm not good enough

She's promised she won't leave

I feel she deserves better

She insists there's no one better then me


She's promised she won't leave

My angel sent from heaven

She insists there's no one better then me

With a smile on her face

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Aggressor, Victim and Decider

"You don't have to lie; I know it was you"

Said victim in the blood stained khakis.  Read more »

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