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Summer of Stories: Whoa...






Week Six: That Didn't Go According to Plan

Day 5: Include the following words/phrases in your story: Whoa; screw up; cricket.

Commenting: What were the similarities/differences between your story and the one you read?
Tags: SoS15, SoS15.35

Think you have what it takes to write something EVERY DAY this summer? Prove it! Check out the link above to all the summer challenges and write to today's challenge -- or any challenge on the list that inspires you. Be sure to copy the tags into the "Tags" bar. Special bonus points if you invite your friends to join.

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The average number of children one woman gives birth to (total fertility rate) in the United States 2.06. Two kids per family. One half of 172 is 86. The average class size for teachers in departmentalized instruction in secondary (high) schools in Vermont is 19.4. As one cannot teach two fifths of a student, 20 shall serve as a realistic number in it's stead. 20 multiplied by four is 80. That number could be fulfilled by your English class, Language class, Social Studies class and Science class. Enough to fill those four classrooms put together, enough to fill the basketball court in your school gymnasium with students. 

Now add their siblings. Each has one. Younger, older; another gym is full of children. That is only 160 out of 172. The teachers of those four classes each have two children; then two of your best friends who aren't in any of your classes join you. 

172. Suddenly the walls of the building around you, the gymnasium, all of that disappears. It's January, snow is falling, and so is the temperature. All of you pull your coats, if you have them, tighter about your shoulders and head for one of the few shelters nearby. Maybe this one facility can fit all of you, two gymfuls of children, maybe it can feed you... or maybe it simply doesn't have the space, and some of you, maybe your two best friends, have to find another shelter.

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5 AM

To take a walk down

the road at dawn is 

to find beauty in

the simple things.

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Eternal Joy (thank you PONPONPON!)


Why do I smile SO wide when I hear anything that tells me to dance, and actually has a great beat? The epitome of good feeling is music combined with motivational speeches.

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You are the Trumpet of my Soul

Each person I meet

plays a different instrument

into my chest and you babe,

you play Trumpet 1.


Every time you walk into a room

the colors become a litttle bit brighter

the air a little bit brassier,

atmosphere a little more

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We all have things we dream of.


On nights when I close my eyes,

I chase the strands of colors on the back of my eyelids.

My own galaxies;

I don’t even have to stretch to meet them-

We were close.

At one point.

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If I Died Young


If I were to die young, my spirit would be overeager to be reborn into another life. To finally get that novel published, to graduate, to love, to raise my own children. I would want an ocean of tears to carry me to heaven ...

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The Day After

The day after


It hurts because you have to count the hours,

the minutes, the days,

since you drove away.

It hurts because you have to wake up

in a bed that is yours but isn't

in a room with walls you want to wish away

on a mattress that is too comfortable


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Girls jeans have no pockets and were not meant for anything but sitting cross-legged and looking pretty. Which I suppose is why girls rarely play football in skinny jeans. Sadly, I was not entirely aware of this fact when my brothers and their friends invited me to come play with them.

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No Regrets

Kind of sprouted from Kyrridwen's "Peace, of a Sort"


Explore your Town Forest. Write. Win Prizes!

Sarah Tallman, Essex High School

Take a walk in the woods of Vermont!

Vermont has more than 300 town forests -- and this year marks the centennial of the legislation that started them all. So we're celebrating our public woodlands!

The Vermont Town Forest Centennial Celebration, in partnership with Young Writers Project, invites YOU to write about your town forest.

Prizes: 1st: $100; 2nd: $75; 3rd: $50. (Cash prizes are generously donated by The French Family Foundation.) All winners will also receive a 2016 season pass to Vermont State Parks and will have their work published.

TownForest.Prompts.A.pdf416.41 KB
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