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Jan 20
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why i dislike ghost stories

i realized
at about the same time i was old enough to appreciate a horror story
why they appeal to us so much. 
what it is that frightens us so much. 
obviously it's complicated--
the psychology of fearing ghosts,
for instance,
is a complicated interaction of our reservations about the time after death, 
the things we once failed to understand about the natural world
and the human fear of the unknown. 
but why is that slowly creaking open door in a house no one is supposed to be in
the notion that that statue might have blinked while you weren't looking
so much more frightening
than the ten foot tall fire breathing lizard monster? 
after all, 
one is a lot likelier than the other to actually kill you. 
what i think 
is that the creaking doorways and blinking statues
cater to our fear of the unknown. 
we fear what we don't understand. 

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Jan 18


Grief is the feeling of loss
When you lose something you care about.
Grief is the feeling of sadness
When all you want to do is cry.
Grief is the feeling of pain
When you feel like a part of you is missing
Grief is only a feeling
And feelings can change.
Sometimes when you don’t let that feeling change,
It takes over your world.
So laugh to the beat of your heart.
And enjoy what life still has.
Jan 16

Ode to my Mattress

Dearest Memory Foam Mattress,

I hope you know how much
I admire and love you. You
keep me comfortable when I
dream the dreams I won’t
remember at all when I wake
up the next morning


I know that sometimes it
may not seem so, but I
appreciate you with all
of my heart. When I return
from a trip, your presence
is ubiquitous in my mind &
all I would like is to lie
down in my own bed,
with my own wonderful,
soft mattress.

I love you.

Your sleepy dreamer,
Jan 16

I lived in a city once

New York
is a heartbeat;
my heartbeat,
as the electric subway flies
down the tracks
like a silver strike
of lightning.

I have a yellow strand of 
crepe paper
wrapped around my neck, 
a string of sunshine fighting
the glow of Times Square around my shoulders,
free souvenir of
SpongeBob the musical,
a giddy throwback to
age 7,
when I lived in a city.

I never lived in New York,
only Boston,
with its maze of streets,
the corner store walking distance,
ice cream bars in the sticky
heat of summer.
New York is more methodical
than this.

but sleepless,
we eat pasta across from the hotel
minutes before midnight,
I don't understand the language
the patrons at the table
behind us speak,
but it's an odd sense
of peace to not be alone in the restaurant. 

The next morning,
Jan 12
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For Summer

My skin yearns for the sideways kiss
Of morning sun for
Lake droplets lifted
Off my skin by balmy,
Dandelion air.

And my laughter
Waits for dock picnics
Green mountain tops
And crowded swimming pools. 

Nose searching for
Watermelon slices
Garden herbs
Almost tasting
Backyard barbeque.
I await summer's joyous greeting.

But when it comes,
I will reminisce over  
Red-tipped noses  
Too rich hot chocolate
Cross country skis
And silver flurries. 

Wait for crisp air
Warm socks and sweaters
For soup and fireplaces. 
So is the seasons' curse.

Don't wait for summer
For snow
For red leaves 
Or flowers sprouting.

Venture out and discover
The unique season
That is today. 
Jan 12

Why Words Were Made

Words were made to be caught 
In your mouth
And sucked on like a candy cane
Until all the color stained your tongue
Then they were supposed to be
Spoken back out to the world
Colorful as soon as the air touched them
And rushing at the listener
Like a roaring ocean wave.

Words were made to be pushed 
Out in a stream of ink
Onto creamy white sheets of paper
Bringing thoughts to suface
In others' minds
And changing the world

Words were made to be translated
Into other languages
And to be learned by all
So that many would enjoy
Rolling the tongue in a new word
And tasting its beauty.

Words were made to be typed
Like neat little soldiers in a line
Following laws of writing
And marching along 
In a story that seems to pop off the pages
And come to life right before your eyes.

Thanks for all your support!

Dec 07
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VT Writes Day is Feb. 1

Vermont Writes Day -- YWP's annual day of writing -- is coming on Friday, Feb. 1!
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Dec 10

Writing on the Roof

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NEXT UP in FEBRUARY: Killer College Essay, Feb. 12! Exploring Poetry, Feb. 23!

From January to April, Young Writers Project is hosting Writing on the Roof, a series of five writing workshops in the rooftop conference room (photo above) of our home base at the Karma Bird House, 47 Maple Street, Burlington, VT. Each workshop has a different theme. Click on each option below for more info and to sign up. Seating is limited, so please sign up early. A $10 registration fee will hold your spot. Scholarships are available. Sign up here for all five and get one free. Questions? Contact Susan Reid at [email protected].

Jan 19

Writing on the Roof #1: Photos of the day

Writing on the Roof got off to a fabulous start Jan. 19 with the first in the series -- The 'I' in Memoryscape! Thanks Mindy Wong for leading this inspiring workshop, and thanks all who joined us to write on a wintry Saturday morning, just moments before the whopper snow storm hit! The next workshop in the series is The Killer College Essay on the evening of Tuesday, Feb. 12 on the roof of the Karma Bird House, 47 Maple Street. Sign up!

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Aug 03


Use your best persuasive skills to convince your teacher or another adult to do something or believe something. What is the conversation in which you urge, coax or demand, and how does it turn out?
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Jan 09


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