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The Daily Read

Oct 14
Maisie N's picture


Beautiful and unusual
You, a moonshine monster
Open your lips to the heavens
And tell me which it is you dread more
As you howl out your solemn question
Is it the echo or the answer?
Would you rather know that you are alone
Or live wondering what is out there?

I will live as a map on your wall
That you fill with red pushpins and stickers
Marking all of the places you have dreamt of
From the back of a pickup truck in September
On the nights that you barely remember living
Filled with good company and crisp autumn air
Take me with you wherever you go
Whether to the edge of town or the end of the world.

So tell me is this a simple seasonal change?
Or are the trees truly catching fire?
The leaves drift so easily to the ground
While I always seem to fall much harder
Bare branches are all you seem to see
No nuance, no heart to the picture
Aug 02

Today's Tiny Write

I went to bed fifteen, and woke up sixteen. I think I expected my heart to beat differently; to my disappointment, it was just as quiet as it had always been.
- irishjayne

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Recent Daily Reads

Oct 10
wondering about rain's picture

5 things I don't know or understand

1. How do the thousands of spiders that
crawl up and down my cells appear
so fast? The weight, every voice
becomes another creature of a
hysteria based affliction. Even in the
dark, like a twig you didn’t snap,
whiplash from the shock but even a
soothing voice feels just like a lie.

2. What does it feel like to hold long
and fast a sound mind. To grip the bouy
through even the worst monsoons, shake
yourself off, wag your tail, and do it again.
I still get up with all teeth showing but
my sockets are empty and face gaunt
and white, waterlogged with salt pouring
from my wounds.

3. How can the spring not lift you high,
everyone shines around you pink with
the new pearly moon and you still sit,
sectioned off with winter still on your
shoulders, sucking yourself in afraid of
the inevitable absence of light, it’s still
months away.
Oct 10
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Autumn Anonymous

Every autumn, when the leaves change,
So do I.

When the breeze picks up in fall,
I sing and sigh.

The geese fly south, towards warmer winters,
And I stay behind.

Some creatures hibernate, while I
Gasp and open my eyes.

Others enjoy sand-baked beaches, and picnics,
I rejoice in fall change.

I throw off my summer sweater and
Wear flowing dresses of autumn coloring;

Ambers, oranges, yellows, reds,
They surround me like a song.

My shorn hair grows out in brown and gold,
Flowing long out in the wind.

My dim, brown eyes sparkle with energy
And glimmer violet,

Thin wings of golden lace appear
And I glide out into my world.

Through spring and summer, I'm not noticed much,
But now I can't escape their gasps.

Autumn's when the true me shines 
And can be seen.

I tread the paths of fallen leaves
Oct 07

the steps of making tea

i have never found myself in poetry,
but i think i may have found myself in your arms
as we sit in your kitchen, waiting for the kettle;
your soft eyes and parted lips, sculpted by aphrodite
as you silently boil the water. 

you have careful fingers as you pour the hot water
into two red, chipped mugs. i remember the
gentle pressure of those fingers twisted in my hair. 

curled green leaves lay with small jasmine flowers,

YWP News

Oct 15

Thank you!

Anthology 9 cover art: Neelie Markley
Big, big thank you to all the writers, photographers and artists who are published in Anthology 9 -- and your families and friends -- who joined us for the launch of this beautiful book last night! Maglianero's was packed. We counted 130 people squeezed into the cafe to celebrate and share the YWP spirit! If you missed the launch and want a copy of the anthology, please email Susan Reid: [email protected]. Thanks everyone!!
Jul 30

YWP Newsletter

Aug 20

Open Mic with YWP

Teen Writing Workshop and Open Mic with Slam Poet and YWP Artistic Director Rajnii Eddins
Where? Burlington City Arts, 135 Church Street, Burlington, VT
It's FREE! There's pizza! Open to all!

Weekly Challenges

Aug 03


You’re a terrifying creature — everyone is afraid of you — but you feel completely misunderstood. How did the world come to perceive you this way? Can you change their perception? Tell the story.
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Aug 03


Tell a story about your experience of winter in short, descriptive poetry or prose. Be original. Avoid clichés. The best will be selected for presentation by the Vermont Stage Company at its annual Winter Tales production in Burlington in December.
[YWP Photo Library, photo by Lia Chien]

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