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Dec 18
poem 1 comment challenge: Snow
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Winter is beautifully cruel—
A glittering knife 
slicing hope in half,
wild winds battering, smashing,
tearing shingles off rooftops,
hail smacking icy pavement
and shattering car windows.

Winter is so elegant, a dancer on pointe
Gliding on tip-toes, leaving a 
trail of frost,
yet also dangling icy daggers on the 
edges of roofs, stringing them about town
as tinsel placed delicately on trees.

Winter is deceptive; I go outside
and take a breath of fresh, freezing air,
my eyes open wide and snowflakes hold my attention,
twirling down, down, down to the snow-covered ground.
I take a step of jubliation, but fall right through—
Down, down, down, sinking lower and lower,
trapped in the beauty I yet admired.

The icy crystals were so wonderful,
so perfect and glimmering, so prettily arranged,
they left me breathless 
under the weight of my admiration,

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Dec 15
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Path through the Woods

The snap echos through the woods
Bouncing off of each tree
Paining the heart with each hit.
Every step taken is a risk,
For the ground may swallow you whole
Locking you away in the dark with no light.
Lift your flame high,
See that path?
Leave it.
Trust yourself and create your own,
Let your mind guide you,
And only let the fear in when needed.
Lay down only your soft footprint and keep walking.
Every thorn you step on will be a victory,
Each branch that lets your red blood spill
Will drip roses onto the soil behind you.
And even if the roots make you fall
The vines will help you up again.

Dec 15

Kindred Soul

golden light slipping, dancing through your fingers
a halo of sunlight
the soft padding of feet early in the morning
slouch your back
into the warm dependable shoulder
that's never more than an arm's length away
laughter bubbling out of the fountain of joy
that is seemingly endless
tears sometimes fall, but what of it?
i know they will fade quickly and without a trace
flushed cheeks and a red nose
an anchor, teasing eyes and peeling plaster
a kindred soul in a meaningless world


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Dec 11
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Hearts and Snow

The temperature has dropped, and the water has frozen over. The last thing is for us to bundle up, like a warm waffle in the toaster. To spread your love and care, and put your Christmas wishes in the air. A few months ago when I first started my account on here, I did a piece titled "Home". It was based about "Home is where the heart is." And looking back at it, has made me feel warm in a way. See, the cold weather may be upsetting to some, or very nice to others, but when you think about it, it's what brings us closer. We stay inside with our coco and cuddle up next to the fire, but we do it with family, with our hearts. Cause being inside, with your family, all huddled in the living room together because of the cold weather. It draws us closer. And as the snow falls blissfully on the moutains peaks like white shining winter hats, and the sky darkens earlier in the day, you start to realize that your family is right there on that couch in front of you.
Dec 11
fiction 1 comment challenge: Power
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The power of calc

If I were to obtain a power unique to me and no one else would choose it, it'd have to be the power to do calculus. I am struggling really hard in calculus right now so it makes sense to have it, plus who's gonna wanna know how to do calculus to its maximum potential? Having this power means I would actually be able to make honor roll, plus have a good GPA. And of course this would allow me to get into an advanced college of my choosing. Even though it probably won't have the major I'm looking for, it's still helpful! Plus I can help others pass calculus as well and hey, if my career path doesn't work out, I'd always have a great fallback career. It's a win for all!

Thanks for all your support!

Dec 07
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Dec 19

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Dec 10

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Vermont winters can be brutal and beautiful at the same time. Using descriptive language, write a story or poem that takes place in the dead of winter. Illustrate it with photos or drawings if you like.
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Aug 03


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Dec 18

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